Gettin’ To Know Stephen Guarino…

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You’ve seen him on The Big Gay Sketch Show, now get to know the man behind the wacky yet loveable characters he portrays!

Equal4all: Where did you get your start with acting? Was it your first career choice?

Stephen: I was a child actor from Orlando, Florida doing commercials and Nickelodeon stuff. I spent one tragic and fateful day on the Mickey Mouse Clubas well. Once, I was suspended from school because I skipped to go on a Sea World commercial audition. In the meeting with the Principal of the school, I screamed, “You dont know what its like to be ME!” I was fierce. The only other career I even barely humoured was being a photographer, but then it put me to sleep.

Equal4all: On The Big Gay Sketch Show, where did you get the ideas to portray memorable characters such as Ronnie and the Russian dancer? Did you impersonate anyone in particular from your personal life?

Stephen: Great question. Both of those characters were inspired by my boyfriend at the time – the NY-based gorgeous gay Ukrainian folk singer Michael Mirlas (yes, that;s all true). I was working a horrific job in the coat check at Spice Market in NY’s Meatpacking District. It was a soul-sucking job that paid out the ass. To keep my heart from petrifying into ice, I would entertain myself by doing a character similar to Ronnie (At the time Ronnie’s name was Dinky, my boyfriend’s pet name for me at the time which has nothing to do with my penis size which I assure you is impressive but more to do with the fact that he and I suffered from a severe case of ‘baby talk.’). As Ronnie, I would pretend that to find the coat I would have to go through the computer system and take forever with the customer. Michael said I should turn that into a character and give him the catchphrase “Is this it?” and always present a coat that couldn’t possibly be the correct one. Then he suggested (after I got the show but before we started) that I do an Svetlana Horkina (gymnast) or Oksana Baueill impression. It didn’t quite work out but morphed into Svetlana. I threw that in to my pitch meeting at the very last minute. Thank God! So basically, I am talent-free and owe Michael some residual payment.

Equal4all: What’re your views on GLBT marriage?

Stephen: You know honestly, I never had a passionate opinion about it sadly because in my insular and man-child existence as an actor whose only responsibility is myself it never effected me. I sometimes considered that I suffer from a cynical view about “true love” (probably to validate my rather extensive sexual practices). But just recently I have been seeing a guy from Amsterdam and we are really hitting it off. The other day he said “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just marry. Then I could live in America and you could live here and we could actually be together.” And for the first time I thought: Oh fuck! I have limitations! Better get on that! That and the 1100 rights denied us by not marrying. But watching Hillary campaign I think well lets get her in and maybe she’ll get to it in a decade. But for others time is of the essence.

Equal4all: How was it working with “the gay pimp” Johnny McGovern?

Stephen: That dude is a wizard when it comes to getting shit done – Makes me feel lazy. The fact is, he is the nicest guy ever. He makes you feel like you are the only one in the room when he talks to you – A grateful and generous person.

Equal4all: What’s the best city in the world to fulfill your career related endeavors?

Stephen: Well, my dream was to be in theatre and on Broadway, BUT I sent them a letter and they must not have recieved it or they are just not interested lol. I auditioned for it for ten years with close calls and little results. Maybe my personality was just too contemporary. TV has been much easier (which should be laughable to say) but it has. I fit well into TV and now getting into films. So, I spend half the year in Los Angeles. I still prefer NY artistically, but if I was really dreaming I would figure out a way to live in London. I would kill to be in the London theatre scene and doing a show on BBC. So I could stalk and kill Jennifer Saunders my idol.

Equal4all: What’s the 411 on your personal life … single? married? taken? any kids? haha

Stephen: Single by choice for last two years, but I could totally get into one now. I need some lovin’. I am a notorious chubby chaser. The word “stocky” is good for me. Tall, tan, blonde, and just out of a pool … not good for me. I also will be spending alot of time on my boyfriend south of the ankles if you know what I mean.

Equal4all: Please give advice to anyone struggling with their sexuality in the GLBT community:

Stephen: I suppose it would be the obvious three: 1. That poppers are still Amyll Nitrate and still you will probably suffer from a mild headache. 2. That being gay is just better. Better hours and better pay.3. You can still achieve everything you want regardless of it. Or in my case because of it.

Equal4all: So far, what’s been your most memorable and personal gig as an actor?

Stephen: I still do a show in NYC called The Nuclear Family. Its a 3-man improvised musical that we have done around the country and was Off Broadway run in 2003. Its my best and funniest work and was created with my long-term comedy partners Jimmy Bennett and John Gregorio. If your in NY you must see it! (thenuclearfamily.net)

Equal4all: Are you a party boy or a stay in/order out kinda guy?

Stephen: I think I am cyclical. I go through bouts where I am out every night drinking and having sex or trying to find the sleaziest place in town. But during audition times I will be at home more literally getting the maximum out of my Netflix membership. I am raping that company and all it gets is $17.99!

Equal4all: What’re some upcoming roles/gigs of yours that we need to keep our eyes peeled for?

Well, cross your fingers that I could be in this new PJ Hogan movie (Muriel’s Wedding) called Confessions of a Shopaholic. You just missed me on the cancelled Wedding Bells on FOX. On the second season of BGSS you are getting alot more Ron Odyssey (Ronnie) and Svetlana, plus a new character Chaps McFadden who is an extremely disgruntled fairy-tale-reading fairy. Look out for some killer celebrities on the show too! Thanks for watching the show! Support gay programming!

  • Interview conducted by J. Federico
  1. I LOVE THIS SHOW…stephen is sooooo funny

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