Jamie Clayton’s One Hott Tamale!

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Jamie Clayton – does that name sound familiar? She was named the 2nd most beautiful girl in New York last August by The New York Observer. But what may perplex most of you is that Jamie did not start out as “Jamie” whatsoever. Yes, ladies and gents (and everyone in between), Jamie is a m-f transsexual – and she’s got the look!

Jamie, please explain to our readers what struggles and turmoil you must have gone through before making the permanent decision to rid yourself of your manly duty and completely transform into the woman you are today:

JC: My “manly duty;” What’s that? LOL! There really wasn’t much struggle or turmoil before I decided to start my transition. I just remember feeling confused because I was so feminine, but I wasn’t born female. Once I started taking hormones, I was so much happier.

When you were a wee little lad growing up in San Diego, did you ever think to yourself, “I can’t wait to be a beautiful, foxy woman someday!”? Can you give us any insight as to what you did think to yourself when you were a kid?

JC: No, I never thought that. Just like most children, I didn’t even know it was possible to change one’s gender; I didn’t find that out until I moved to New York (I was 19 at that time). The only thing I remember thinking to myself when I was young, was that I never really felt like I belonged – I felt so different but I had no idea why.

Did you ever think that you could just be a gay man living in a gay man’s body or was that not an option for you?

JC: That was definitely not an option – I hated my body. I wanted to be with men but not with the body I was born with. I knew I had to have surgery in order to lead a happy, healthy life.

How did you pay for your sex-change operation? Did you have to do prep for it – i.e. seek counseling, etc.?

JC: I charged my SRS … it’s true! I worked very hard to pay it off. At one point I was working two jobs and DJing at night a couple times a month. I am very proud to say that I am debt free and that I paid for every single procedure myself. Yes, I was in therapy – I was given two glowing letters of recommendation for surgery by two different therapists.


How did it feel to be named the 2nd most beautiful girl in New York? With all due respect, how did you even get nominated? Do you feel that you conquered something greater than just a beauty contest, being that you were a man in the past? I’m talking about gender-bending and the like…

JC: I wasn’t actually nominated for anything – that was just the title they came up with for the article. There was no contest. I have conquered a lot in my life and continue to do so on a daily basis. For the record though, I was never a “man.” Yes, I was born biologically male but I never played the role of a man in society.

As per observer.com, we read that you get hit on at least 5 times a week – is that true? Have you found a man that truly accepts you for you or is Mr. Right still out in the concrete jungle somewhere?

JC: Yes, however, it’s actually more like a combination of compliments, one-liners and flirtation; I have dated (and will only date) men that truly accept me for me … but I am currently single.

Please give advice to anyone who may be struggling with coming to terms with who they truly are.

JC: I would have to say learn to love yourself and everyone else will follow. Don’t deny your personal happiness because you are afraid of what other people will think. Live your life for you and you only.

What can we expect from the lovely Miss Clayton in the near future?

JC: Plenty! I am currently taking acting classes at Sally Johnson Studio and working with an agent. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me!

Quick, on your toes…

Blue or red?

Grey is my hands-down favorite color.

The ocean or a lake?


Cook or take-out?

Take-out. Always.

Blonds or brunettes?

I prefer dark hair on men.

What kind of car do you drive?

I’ve never driven a car.

Favorite candy bar?

I adore Zone Bars – Chocolate Almond Raisin is my favorite!

Favorite website?

armourbeauty.com and chanel.com

If you would like to contact Ms. Clayton, check her out here.

Interview conducted and edited by J. Federico

  1. She is pretty fierce, I’m glad you had this interview, it’s very inspiring for many young people

  2. It’s great to see transsexuals like Jamie being named 2nd most beautiful in NY .. so inspiring

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