Norm Korpi as the Artist…

In Art, Being Gay, Gay Business, Gay Celebrity on January 27, 2009 at 10:39 pm


This is a follow-up to Norman Korpi’s interview. He has been up to many things over the past 10+ years, but art has been his main calling.

Here is an excerpt from the OC weekly on Mr. Korpi’s latest masterpiece:

There are several very good reasons why Norman Korpi’s paintings of sunsets should suck. He was one of the cast members of the very first season of MTV‘s The Real World, and you don’t really expect anything worthwhile to come from one of those kids who got famous for sitting around arguing about which housemate is the most obnoxious. Plus, paintings of sunsets fall somewhere between crashing waves and sad clowns on the scale of hopeless clichés. But Korpi’s “Twilight” series…” (Read more here)

For more on the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, please click here.

  1. His paintings are gorgeous.

  2. […] get enough of the “Real World”? No problem! Check out Dan Renzi’s, Norman Korpi’s, or Ryan Kehoe’s […]

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