Spotted: New York Gossip Gays Blasting Your Most Intimate Secrets

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If you haven’t heard of this site yet, you will. Perhaps you’ve even been blasted about thanks to your friendly ‘mo next door! Just when you thought that gossiping was left to Blair Waldorf and Co. …

EQUAL4ALL: How did the crew behind New York Gossip Gays form?

The NewYorkGossipGays.com team happened organically. Everyone involved has a particular craft/talent that they were able to bring to the table; with our powers combined, NYGG was formed! Our group realized when we created the site that we would have to launch it – but after time, it would become a vehicle that would literally just run itself. We receive a ridiculous amount of submissions daily and try to use our conscience when picking/choosing what we publish.

EQUAL4ALL: When did NYGG go live on the web?

The site went live in the middle of January. Two days after it went live, almost a thousand people had viewed it. We were blown away…

EQUAL4ALL: What kinds of responses are you guys getting thus far?

The responses are mixed … which is to be expected. A lot of people write in telling us that they are obsessed with the site and submit dirt; some people just submit dirt. Finally, we have had a few threatening responses from anonymous parties, but we aren’t scared. We love that people are enjoying the site. Gay men absolutely love to read about themselves and talk about others (whether the publicity is negative or positive) which is how we knew the site would be a success.

EQUAL4ALL: What’s the sleaziest dirt NYGG has gotten to post to date? Has any blast been so bad that you guys decided not to put it live on your site?

There are a lot of submissions that we will not post – we seriously try not to be too cruel. The majority of submissions are about cheating boyfriends and scenesters with STDs. Sexy, right?

EQUAL4ALL: Who would you guys like see on NYGG in the future?

That’s really up to our readers … this is their gig now. We just play editor. It will become whatever YOU want it to be. We also love reviews/criticisms of parties, restaurants, fashion brands and the like.

EQUAL4ALL: Can anyone really send NYGG dirt whenever they so choose?

Of course; that’s the whole idea.

If you have any dirt on a NY socialite, actor, or even your closest bff, please send it to NYGG by writing to GOSSIP@NEWYORKGOSSIPGAYS.COM.

A BIG thanks to NYGG for giving our website a seal of praise! We love each and every one of you!

XOX for now

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  1. Gay guys need a gossip website, this is sweet.

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