Equal4all Giveaway: What Has Been Your MOST Memorable Spring Fling to date?

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Equal4all is teaming up with Ginch Gonch to bring you, our adoring readers, another giveaway!

Want to show off what your mama gave ya or just simply boost your self-esteem?

Here’s what you gotta do …

Answer the following question:

What has been your MOST memorable spring fling to date?


We are not talking about your hottest hook-up (entries that are sexual in nature will be disqualified immediately!). Tell us about your guilty pleasure with a television show, favorite food, and everything in between. Please keep entries between 150-200 words. Most importantly, be CREATIVE; the most creative and humorous entries will be chosen.

You have ONE month to enter this contest – ONE entry per person. Anyone who does not follow official game rules will be disqualified.

Winners will be chosen and notified upon the completion of this contest via email (April 30, 2009). Please provide your contact e-mail address upon entering this contest.

10 lucky winners will receive a pair of Ginch Gonch underwear (New from Ginch Gonch – Pretty in Pink Easter Collection) – 3 additional winners will receive honorable mention in Equal4all’s giveaway follow-up!

Sound simple enough?

Good luck!


About Pretty in Pink (courtesy of Project Publicity):

Ginch Gonch, the unapologetically sassy underwear and lounge-wear company, is putting the ‘hip’ in hippity hoppity this Easter with the launch of its limited-edition Pretty in Pink collection, featuring pink hotdogs, stars and a pink version of its popular argyle brief. Touted as “the sexiest undies you will barely wear”, the Pretty in Pink collection will be available in major department stores, select independent retailers and online at GinchGonch.com beginning April 3rd, 2009 – in time for Easter.

Made from a breathable, body-conforming stretch fabric (95% cotton/5% Lycra), the pastel Pretty in Pink briefs are available in wieners, multiple stars, and argyle. The signature 1 1/4 inch microfiber elastic logo waistband with matching stitched trim, gives the collection a stylish, tailored look.

The Pretty in Pink collection will also be available as long johns.

Equal4all generally will collect your personal information directly from you. We may collect personal information about you when you contact us via telephone, fax and e-mail correspondence, or when you contact us in person. Equal4all will not sell your personal information to any third party, as we respect your privacy and the privacy of others. Your personal information will only be used by Equal4all.

  1. Mmmmm….vanilla ice cream with melted peanut butter, maybe some warmed nutella drizzled over the top of it. That’s my favorite guilty pleasure. Doesn’t it sound amazing? The contrasting food temperatures and decadence of the melting ice cream mixing with peanut butter is just amazing.

  2. hmm well my spring fling would have to be going to six flags every chance I get. I was never a fan of rollercoasters, but once I tried one I couldn’t stop! I think the trill of riding a roller coaster is ever better than sex 😉

  3. There’s this ice cream place in my town that’s open every spring and summer but shuts down in September for the rest of the year. They have a flavor of ice cream called Graham Central Station, and it’s been my best spring fling to date. I would show that ice cream a good time if I could 😉 I was considering buying up some of it and deep freezing it for the winter months, but that would take away from its specieal-ness!

  4. Well, since it just happened to me yesterday, I guess I’ll go ahead with this story! I had just bought myself an amazing cheesecake which I allowed myself to eat most of, and I went to finish it off with a big cup of milk. Unfortunately, I dropped my phone in the milk and now my phone is ruined! So much for that splurge!

  5. The combination of peanut butter and vanilla ice cream is very good, but my obsession is a mixture of peanut butter and cool whip. I usually have some everynight before I retire to my bedroom, but this past week, each time I dared to swallow the amazing combination, I was graced with severe gastrointestinal cramping and….its side-effects. Hopefully Salmonella wont be knocking at my door!

  6. I’d have to admit that my best spring break memories are the ones when my friends and I would just head to the beach for no reason. We’d roll down the window, crack up the volume to our favorite playlists, and not lookin back. When it comes to guilty pleasure TV, I’d have to say that I can’t go a week without watchin ANTM or Heroes ❤

  7. I love food. Love it with bloody passion, and because of my incredibly wonderful metabolism, I can eat anything without gaining an ounce. So I use this to my advantage and eat the most fattening things I can find. For instance, I LOOOOOVE me some sour cream. And you know what sour cream is good on? Everything. My ultimate vice is getting a huge order of bacon cheese fries, lopping on my sour cream, having a nice side of ranch dressing, and going to town while I watch a horror movie, or one of my TV vices, like “Desperate Housewives.” I’m slowly becoming a disgusting lazy pig, and I love it. (Well, not really “becoming” one, I don’t think I had that far to go in the first place)

  8. My best spring fling was the two glorious weeks that I had enjoyed my 1986 Pontiac Firebird. It was a true stereotypical Jersey throwback. T-tops, massive V8 motor that was tuned to be fast and loud… not like the other local kids who put Maxwell house cans on their Hondas and Hyundais… I’d get off work at the Path in Harrison… get to my car… tops off, windows down and radio competeing with the dual exhaust on the way home.

    The best was on warm days… the neighborhood kids used to run outside and gather around my “Igor Jr.” (Stravinsky… firebird… get it?) just to hear me turn the key and have the 350 motor roar to life… best spring ever. Freedom in a true American classic, albeit… to brief.

  9. I was in Aruba for Spring Break, but had gone with my PARENTS. I was NOT out yet, but was dragged to a La Cage Show with my mom. “Your dad will never go when we are here!” We sat in the front row and the show started. The drag queens KNEW I was gay, but as they started to direct their comments to me it must of been crystal clear my parents did NOT know. They layed off after a few “oh shit they have no idea” looks from me, but later
    in the night when I was out alone several of the performers came up to me without their make up on and told me they understood and respected my decision. They also told me it looked like my parents loved me very much…shortly after I got home I relaized it was true and I old my parents. They have been loving and supportive parents ever since! All because of La Cage!

  10. My favorite guilty pleasure is anything FRIED–MOST ESPECIALLY DONUTS. it’s horrible. I’m not a choco-holic or even a sex-a-holic LOL I’m a fried foods-a-holic. Now THIS pleasure/addiction DOES NOT MESH well with music icon/gay rock star status!! we need to be fit! haha but whatever!!! I crave DUNKIN’ DONUTS, KRISPY KREME and ANY variation of 24/7. I’ll always make room for DONUTS. ALL MY nearest and dearest tease me about this..THE DONUT MONSTER! yes! it is I!! it is TRUE. I’ve been known to make stealth late night trips to the D&D or randomly declare ANY GIVEN day DONUT DAY!! and force my habit upon innocent bystanders! granulated sugar covered jellies…OMFG!! Strawberry Frosted Covered GLAZED? AHH!!! Plain, chocolate frosted, apple filled, ANY OF EM!! I’m going to get one NOW!!

  11. My favorite spring fling would totally being with my boy friend. I don’t get to see him a lot because he lives far away ( not like in another state), But we can’t get rides. So just spending the day with him, I would take just even a half an hour. He is just so perfect. he hates it when I say that but he is. I wouldn’t mind even just being in the same ROOM for a second with him. If only I could see him right? Well hey I’m so thankful that he’s mine ok. That’s it. I can live with not SEEING him. But I can’t live with not BEING with him. So if I could just spend 1 day with him. We would watch a movie, But a movie that I’ve seen so we can talk. And then hang out and cuddle for the rest of the day And then when he has to leave, I would sit where he sat…Except if he went to the bathroom EW! But that would be nice, to see him, during spring fling, or anytime.

  12. My most memorable spring fling is the time I was stuck at the local dairy queen with a flat tire. It was a hot sunny June day in the south. The kind of sunny day where the steam can be seen rising from the pavement. Thank goodness for my Ginch Gong Thong (i know I should have written a song). Standing in the parking lot waiting for the tow truck driver who finally came was well worth it. I had two guilty pleasures that day. The comfort of the ginch gong and the massive M&M Blizzard. It was a fling never to be forgotten.

  13. PINK is the best color in the world. At least one of everything I own is pink. I love Hello Kitty (umbrella, wallet, humidifier, glassware, pencils, day planner, toaster, the list goes on…) Tinkerbell. Gossip Girl is my TV addiction: I heart Blair, Chuck, headbands… I could go on forever. I lock myself in the room to watch on my HDTV alone so I don’t miss a line of the show. My roommates know not to come in/ interrupt/ talk to me during this time, no matter what, EVER. I do not answer my phone for the entire hour. My mother calls me at exactly 9pm every single Monday and we dissect every single thing in the episode. Every Tuesday, I read the recap on NYMag.com’s DailyIntel. I read all the comments on the blog, comment myself sometimes, and then read the recap of the recap on Friday at 6pm. I’m OBSESSED. Also, I love Cold Stone Creamery sweet cream ice cream with oreo, cookie dough, graham cracker, and hot fudge. And CRUMBS makes a fantabulous pink cupcake, though I don’t know the name. And boys, I love boys. And men, of course. ❤

    • Crumbs makes this FABULOUS cupcake, I should buy you one so we both can watch Hello Kitty together in my new Ginch Gong Undies!

  14. Well it was nearing the of my freshman year in high school, when isaw this guy. He was a sophomore 5’8, brown hair/eyes, average build. Pretty much the embodiment of HOT!! He was the most popular gay guy at my school. It took forever to start to talk to him. Finally a mutual friend of ours gave me his email. But, at our schools skit night i found out he’s my cousin. lol.. but i still think he’s hot.

  15. I’m not gonna lie! My spring Fling this year has been…. myself! Ok…now bare with me. I don’t mean it in an egotistical way at all. I mean that, I have really been trying to take care of myself more. Make healthy choices. Like eating right, getting good sleep at night, drinking less, and going to the gym. But also “taking care of myself” meaning my being or soul. I have tried to be more supportive of myself, less critical, treat myself with respect and compassion and most importantly, have more fun! Life is too short. Control the controllables! Keep the Faith!
    These are all things that I keep in mind. And the great thing is I feel better, and I swear everyone around me is better and happier!
    So my Spring Fling would be with myself…so that I’m happy and content and ultimately a heck of a lot more fun to be around and with!!

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