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Davis Mallory: Equal4all’s FAVORITE Southern Boy!

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You may know him as the “straight-acting gay guy” on MTV’s the Real World: Denver, but Davis Mallory is much, much more than that. Right before the show’s run from November 2006-May 2007, Mallory decided to cope with his sexuality and let the show be his first foray into the gay world. During filming, he struggled with issues concerning his strong Christian background and even a homophobic cast-mate.

Davis was raised in a conservative Southern Baptist home in Marietta, Georgia; and as a young teenager, he was deeply involved with his church. Mallory first had suspicions of his homosexuality in the 6th grade, but it wasn’t until his senior year at Stetson University when he began to accept his orientation, which began his “coming out.”

Despite his family’s disapproval of his homosexuality, Davis graduated from the Pre-med program at Stetson, with dreams of becoming a plastic surgeon. He is now pursuing a career as a model and tours around the country speaking to young audiences about his struggles coming out in a heavily religious household.


E4A: When you first joined the cast of the Real World: Denver, were you ready to accept the fact that you were going to meet people who may or may not have accepted your sexual orientation?

When I went on the Real World, I assumed I’d probably have to have some conversations with less than open-minded roommates; I wasn’t expecting that the conversations would get as heated as they did, especially with the somewhat homophobic Baptist cast mate Steven. He wasn’t homophobic in the sense that he was mean to be because I was gay, he just had little to no experience with homosexuality and an outdated opinion on the subject. I truly believe he changed his mind though, by the end of the season and that was really rewarding. While conversing on the subject, I felt like I held my own at times, but I still didn’t have the answers I needed to articulate my opinion. It wasn’t until the show finished (when some fans mailed me two great books called The Children Are Set Free and What The Bible Really Says About Homosexuality) that I really got my closure and found answers to whether or not I felt it was a sin to be gay. I read them thoroughly and finally had scripture to back up my beliefs. I’ve since lectured at numerous colleges about what the Bible truly says about homosexuality. It’s been very empowering and therapeutic and I wish I had this knowledge when I was filming.

E4A: What goes on during a typical day in the life of Davis Mallory?

As of lately, I’ve been living the “married life.” I’m in a committed relationship with a great guy and we spend a lot of time watching movies together and taking bike rides. Boring, I know, but I’m at peace right now. I had to finally cut off communication with my family – kind of like a bad break-up. It’s been a peaceful chapter in my life though, and I’m healing a lot from some old wounds.

E4A: What is your opinion regarding Prop 8 and gay marriage?

I’m pretty passionate about my opinion that gay marriage should be legalized. I think it will take legal action to finally make a change though. Just like the Supreme Court cases in the mid 20th Century that finally gave African Americans equal right around America, I feel it will take similar court cases to finally make marriage legal for same-sex couples. In the meantime, I feel that if we are not going to be given equal rights as heterosexuals, then we should not be required to pay the same amount of taxes. As far as the religious backing for the opposition of same sex marriages, I find it holds no strong basis. When Christians say their religion tells them that homosexuals cannot get married, why then do they not oppose the marriages of atheists? I find it as ludicrous for Christians to oppose gay marriage as if they were to oppose the marriages of Jews, Muslims, or Buddhists. I think if more people saw the issue through that light, they’d shut up about it, too. Religion should play no part in it. I don’t think that anyone should be able to decide if someone else should be allowed to get married or not, and I hope to see this change occur nationwide in my lifetime. I remain optimistic.

E4A: Was the show your ultimate driving force behind touring the country to speak to audiences about your struggle as a gay person?

I found out after completing my season of the Real World that I would be required to speak at schools – it was something that the “Real Worlders” before me had paved the way for … the subject which I spoke on was of my own choosing. I found that it was personally rewarding to speak about the controversial subject of what the Bible says about homosexuality and I researched the subject greatly. I found the speeches to be popular regardless the attitude of the audience on the issue, and have been able to speak at over 30 universities in just 2 years.

E4A: Any dirt on your former castmates?

While I used to be one who had no problem in running my mouth about my fellow castmates (as evidenced by my experience on the Real World), I try to keep the drama in my life to an all time low – I’ll have to pass on this opportunity and let others speak for themselves. Plus, I do genuinely love the cast I was given on the Real World: Denver.

E4A: Do you or have you ever regretted joining the cast of the Real World: Denver?

I’ve weighed this question of whether I regret doing the Real World from time to time, and I’ve always come up with the same answer, that, no, I don’t regret going on the show. My family life got even more dramatic after I did the show than before, but I think it just sped up the inevitability that we were not intended to really get along. The show wasn’t as profitable as other reality shows, but it wasn’t a real reason why I went on – so, I wasn’t let down in that area either. I was able to travel a great deal on MTV’s dime and that is something I’ll always appreciate. I’ve been to Thailand, South Africa, Japan, and New Zealand all through Real World shows; I’ve also met some pretty unique and wonderful people during the shows I’ve been on and have a lot of great friends from these experiences. Most importantly, I greatly grew in my comfortability with myself. I went on the show after only being out of the closet for a year. That year though, I was in college and didn’t have any gay friends there. I really wasn’t all that much of a great gay role model either. I have grown up and learned a lot by being this figure for the gay community and I appreciate the lessons it has taught me – the biggest is that it’s alright to be gay and that I’m certainly not alone in this, like I had thought I was as a child.

E4A: Any plans for the future or are you focusing on the present for the time being?

The future always has a way of surprising me. I really don’t know my true calling for life, and I’m 25 and actively brain-storming as what to do next. I was pre-med in college and applied to medical schools last summer per my parents’ urging. I’m waiting to hear if I got into a medical school in NYC and one in LA. We’ll see what happens.

E4A: Are you currently dating anyone? What became of PJ?

I have a boyfriend – his name is Matt. We met two years ago while I was on an appearance in Chicago. He’s a great guy and this relationship has been the healthiest I’ve been in to date. PJ and I broke up immediately after filming the Real World; we never really gave it a second go. I had only been dating him for 3-4 months prior to filming the Real World though, and it was entirely long-distance. I think the show portrayed us a little more seriously than what we actually were.


E4A: How was it hooking-up with Ryan Kehoe on the Real World/Road Rules challenges? Was there a spark between you two hotties or was it strictly for the show?

Hooking-up with Ryan Kehoe never went beyond kissing, and the kissing was very much alcohol induced. Ryan is a good friend of mine, but there’s never been a spark there … on my part at least – I think he’d say the same. I have stayed with Ryan in NYC while I was apartment hunting earlier this year after finishing filming The Duel II, and we became even better friends during that time. Ryan will tell you we’re not really each other’s types per se. I’m more into clean-cut Christian guys and he’s kind of a punk-glam-rock mix-up. He is my closest gay Real World friend though, and I am very glad I got to know him through these shows.

E4A: What would be your advice to young people struggling with coming out?

My advice to anyone struggling with coming out is to find your inner strength and stand up for what you believe in your heart is right … that it’s perfectly normal and natural and wonderful that you were made gay. I believe God wanted it that way, and He loves you just the same. It’s all a part of the diversity of this planet we live on. Come out already, because it truly is the best thing I ever did for myself and anyone I’ve ever met would tell you the same. Just like myself, many of my friends were nervous as hell about how their family or friends would take it, but unanimously everyone always finds it to be a huge relief once they do tell their close friends and it’s definitely not as bad as they had thought.


Favorite Color?

Green … like my eyes

Summer or Winter?

Summer for sure … love the beach

Blond or Brunette?

I typically date blonds, if that’s what you’re going for

iPhone or Blackberry?

I have neither – I have the Google phone: G1 and love it; it’s like a combo between an iPhone and a Blackberry because it has a touch screen and a key pad. I used to have a Blackberry and HATED it!

Favorite reality show?

Just finished watching Real Housewives of New Jersey and thought it was great

Website you visit the most?

Besides Facebook and my Gmail, I guiltily do read Perez a good bit, because he’s pro-gay rights and I’m all about that!

Can’t get enough of the “Real World”? No problem! Check out Dan Renzi’s, Norman Korpi’s, or Ryan Kehoe’s interview

-Interview conducted by Matt Scotto, edited by J. Federico

Equal4all Short: Remembering Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson was a true role model for budding musicians around the world. In this day and age, it’s so rare to hear a musician not mention Jackson as an inspiration; He was considered to be the biggest pop star of all time, and he now leaves behind a legacy of music and dance.


As I look back on my childhood (mind you, I was a baby of the 80s—a time when Michael Jackson truly reigned his Pop Kingdom Court in all his glory), I remember listening to his music all the time alongside my parents. I used to wonder, “Who is this guy and why is he in every song on the radio?” And as I grew older, the answer to those questions became crystal clear. The world has lost a sensational angel.

My Top 5 Favorite Michael Jackson Songs:

5. Black or White

4. The Way You Make Me Feel

3. Smooth Criminal

2. Thriller

1. Billie Jean

Do YOU have any memories of the King of Pop? Please share them below!

-Written by Matt Scotto, edited by J. Federico

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Author Perry Moore and the Entire GLBT Community Needs YOU!

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Dear friends,

Many of you may not know this, but author Perry Moore (Executive Producer of the Narnia films) has just completed the pilot script of the television rendition of his amazingly well put-together, and ground-breaking book HERO.

As Moore and his team await the green light from the ultra-talented, and gay President of Showtime, Robert Greenblatt, the power truly lies in you to make things happen. It would be ever so generous on your end to take the time and write Mr. Greenblatt a note explaining that a show like HERO does not come along every day, and that this is something you are ALL eagerly hoping to see as a series on Showtime. Unfortunately, the network has lost trailblazing shows such as Queer as Folk and the L-Word, which have done wonders for our community; but let’s face it, the network could use a little more queer representation!

Perry Moore, in a personal e-mail states, “Here is a totally new take for the next generation! All you have to do is Google the official Showtime site, and write him a brief letter that states your hopes and dreams to see the show on air. Now is do or die time … he’ll decide in the next few weeks!”

So please take 5 minutes out of your busy schedules, put the Pride plans on hold for 30 seconds, and make sure your voice is heard – together, we can make a difference!

On behalf of Perry Moore, the GLBT community, and myself,

Thank you!

J. Federico and the E4A team

Read Perry Moore’s interview here