Equal4all Short: Remembering Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson was a true role model for budding musicians around the world. In this day and age, it’s so rare to hear a musician not mention Jackson as an inspiration; He was considered to be the biggest pop star of all time, and he now leaves behind a legacy of music and dance.


As I look back on my childhood (mind you, I was a baby of the 80s—a time when Michael Jackson truly reigned his Pop Kingdom Court in all his glory), I remember listening to his music all the time alongside my parents. I used to wonder, “Who is this guy and why is he in every song on the radio?” And as I grew older, the answer to those questions became crystal clear. The world has lost a sensational angel.

My Top 5 Favorite Michael Jackson Songs:

5. Black or White

4. The Way You Make Me Feel

3. Smooth Criminal

2. Thriller

1. Billie Jean

Do YOU have any memories of the King of Pop? Please share them below!

-Written by Matt Scotto, edited by J. Federico

Photo Source 1, 2

  1. Yes Matt… he was definitely an inspiration to so many musicians today and I’m quite sure he will be in the future. Despite all of the jokes that are being texted around today!

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