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Randy Jones of the Village People

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Because let’s be honest, disco music was where it was at!

-Joseph Federico

When you hear the name “Randy Jones,” a sexy disco-encrusted cowboy should come to mind. Best known for his role as the cowboy from the group the Village People, Randy Jones also has had many pokers in the fire of life since the 1970s; he’s still singing but he’s also an actor and writer. Randy was gracious enough to stop by and discuss what Pride means to him as well as what he’ll be up to within the next few years.

Equal4all: How do you feel that the Village People changed the path of music back in the 1970s?

Randy Jones: I’m not so sure that we changed the path of music in the 1970s. However, I do think that from the beginning, I realized that we were embarking on something rather unique in showbusiness. It was perhaps an early version of a “boyband,” although I’m not sure I would accept the responsibility of being a fairy godfather to “The Backstreet Boys,” “Nsync,” etc. When we/VP were in the early stages, in my thoughts, we took inspiration from the Marx Bros, the Three Stooges, The Ritz Bros – combining it with the moves from some of the cool soul groups of the 60s and 70s like the Coasters, the Temptaions, The Four Tops – tossing in the knowing wink and a wiggle from some County Fair Strippers and topping it off with a heavy dollop of Chippendale’s … which we as a group truthfully inspired!

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From the beginning, I viewed what we were attempting as essentially a comedy act with some very well crafted and deceptively simple Pop Songs, like “Macho Man,” “In the Navy,” and “Y.M.C.A.”! How could we go wrong? Nobody else gave us an ounce of credit … nor did any of the critics ever think we’d succeed. But we did. We did … far beyond anyone’s expectations.

Currently, my solo sales combined with Village People sales have surpassed more than 100 million units world-wide to date. I’m in the Guiness Book of Records. I’ve performed for the Queen of England, as well as at a U.S. Presidential Innaugural. I’ve appeared on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, the Merv Griffin Show, the Tonight Show, Midnight Special, among hundreds of other television programs worldwide. I even appeared on The Love Boat a couple of times with Betty White and Andy Warhol!

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And I’ve got a star on Hollywood Blvd … one of 2,500 in its 50 year history. Ours is located at 6529 Hollywood Blvd, right between movie star Betty Grable and music personality Liberace. Now, ain’t that the coziest spot one could imagine?! On one side Betty has legs insured for a million dollars and on the other side Liberace with a million dollars worth of sequins and crystal chandeliers!

E4A: Do you feel that the music you record today appeals to a wide mainstream audience and not only to members of the GLBT community?

RJ: I certainly believe the music I record and have recorded over the past four decades has been music recorded for the enjoyment of ALL people who give it a listen. I’ve never felt that I was recording music for any particular group of people or segment of the population. I really like POP music; that’s the music to which I like to listen, to perform and to record. I look for songs that have a story which resonates with me, that I feel I can tell and to which I can relate. Just give a listen to my most recent CD, “Ticket to the World.” Among the selections on it you will find “Your Disco Needs You,” “If I Can’t Have You,” “Sleeping,” and “Rhinestone Cowboy,” just to name a few!

E4A: Pride … what does it mean to you?

RJ: Pride … to me, means living an honest and open life in the light.

E4A: Tell us about your new show “When Joey Married Bobby.”

RJ: “When Joey Married Bobby” has gone on hiatus for the summer, but the producers are planning to take it to Atlanta, Orlando, and Dallas later this year. I let ’em know that I’m on board if all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted. So be out there lookin’ for me!

E4A: Please give advice to those who may be struggling with who they truly are:

RJ: Make the honest choices that resonate with truth in your soul and be comfortable in your own skin. And remember that everyone is engaged in the same struggle … to exist, and that it is not always easy.

E4A: What is the famous Randy Jones up to within the next few years or so?

RJ: My career is and has been extremely satisfying. Fortunately, the VP time has provided and will forever provide me with financial security and freedom to pursue whatever project in showbusiness that interests me. I’m truly a very lucky dawg in that aspect. As you mentioned, I’ve just finished starring in an Off-B’way play, “When Joey Married Bobby” in the heart of Times Square. I’ve got a film that was just at Cannes, “My Guaranteed Student Loan” with Richard Pryor, Jr., Oscar winner Celeste Holm, and Kate Luckinbill (Lucille Ball’s grand-daughter). June 4th, a film in which I play an attorney, An Affirmative Act premiered at The Hoboken Film Festival, and two others, Violet Tendencies and Bear City premiered at NewFestNYC Festival this month.

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I have a new book, “MACHO MAN: The Disco Era,” which is in its second printing and is in nearly 20,000 libraries around the world. It has been chosen to be included in University pop culture and LGBT courses and I am booked  frequently to appear to speak with college students who use the book in their courses. Later this year I have two film projects booked. One to be shot in Arizona is Cafe A Go Go in which I co-star with David Bowie’s ex-wife, Angie Bowie. Another is a contemporary telling of the Edgar Allan Poe tale “The Cask of Amontillado”… I play ‘Fortunato.’ Early in 2011, I’m booked to play the warden in a prison thriller, untitled as of now, and and then Spring 2011, I’m booked to play a deputy sheriff in another thriller, House of Whispers. I also have two reality/documentary projects in development with A&E/The History Channel.

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Of course in my moments that I get to breathe, I love to do dates out performing my music – like the Classic Disco Nightclub Reunion Concert on July 2nd out in Melville Long Island. It’s a great roster of classic 70s acts like The Trammps, Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes, France Joli, Carol Williams, Musique, First Choice, and of course me doing “San Francisco/Hollywood,” “Macho Man,” “In the Navy,” “Go West,” “Can’t Stop the Music” and “Y.M.C.A,” along with several other selections from my current CD. I get to do about 30 music dates a year. And of course, I’ll be appearing at ROCK CON, the National Rock & Roll Fan Fest , July 30, 31, and Aug. 1. My new CD is also being readied for release in Spring of 2011!

As you may have been able to discern by now, I have never been bored a day in my life!

If you got the chance to meet Randy Jones of the Village People, how would you react?


Derrick Martin: Change Starts Here

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Prom – that time of the year when high school juniors and seniors spend hundreds (sometimes thousands) on the perfect dress, the perfect hair, and the perfect makeup. And that’s just the girls! I went to my senior prom back in ’07, and to tell you it was the best time of my life would be an understatement.

Now, imagine the anxiety you would feel knowing that you don’t want to take your best friend (a.k.a Hag) but the boy of your dreams. Now imagine you live in a state that you know wouldn’t let you bring a same-sex date to prom.

Well, Derrick Martin, of Cochran, Georgia, knew exactly this feeling. Knowing that he would have to get permission to bring his boyfriend to prom anyways, Martin started this process in January; He simply asked his principal, who is quoted by Martin as saying, “At first she said no, Cochran isn’t ready for it,” but then was superseded by the school board.

Derrick’s major fear was that he would get his prom canceled, like the one in Mississippi. He also has some slight fear going, saying, “I’ll take out insurance on my tux.” That may not be necessary though, seeing as there will be security at the high school dance party. “I didn’t expect them to say yes,” he said. “It’s who I am. I have the same rights.”

Stephen Papallo

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Dougall Fraser: E4A’s Top Psychic

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Dougall Fraser is a professional psychic and has recently looked into the future for some of the women on The Real Housewives of Orange County. In this interview, he details how he decided to become a professional psychic, talks about the housewives, and tries to see into his own future.

Equal4all: You recently made an appearance on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Can you tell us a little bit about your experience with the women? Which housewife can you foresee having the most drama in her life in the near future?

Dougall Fraser: When I was invited to appear on RHOC, I honestly thought it would be the easiest job in the world.  I figured that as a gay man, I wouldn’t be threatening to the women and it would be a fun night to connect with them.  Not the case.  The 6 or 7 min segment that aired was a flash of what really was close to two hours.  Most of the women were a bit cold to me with the exception of Tamra and Alexis.  In the end, I think the women were afraid of what I was going to reveal – and in fairness to them, they really had no idea that I was coming.

As far as drama is concerned it’s safe to say that we will see the most drama coming from Gretchens’ life.

E4A: Please tell us a little bit about how you got into the business of being a professional psychic and how you have grown from your career choice:

DF: I don’t think any kid dreams of becoming a professional gypsy.  As the fat, chubby kid on the playground, I was dealing with some intense emotions.  My parents were on the verge of divorce, my sister had leukemia, and I was pretty sure I was gay.  In an effort to avoid my problems, I looked to things like meditation, channeling, crystals, and anything to get out of my head.  I quickly learned that a really fun way to avoid my own problems is to talk about the problems of other people.  This became a little bit of an obsession, something I thought was a hobby.  After years of practice, it coincidentally became my career.  At the age of 20 I came out of the closet, lost a ton of weight, and started taking care of myself emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  I had been reading part time when people asked, and making my living as a massage therapist.  Randomly I was selected the best psychic in Dallas and had an article written about me.  When that publication came out, I went from five readings a month to several readings a day with a three-month waiting list.  For me, this was a huge sign that this work was my destiny.

I feel so lucky to take a peek into peoples lives every day.  My clients are my teachers – I learn from their mistakes.  I share in their joy and their pain.  I get to see such a cross section of people.  It has given me the tools to achieve my goals and to help others achieve theirs.

E4A: In the past, have you been able to foresee important events of your own life? How has being a psychic set you apart from others?

DF: I believe we all have intuition; the only thing that separates me from others is the fact that I listen to it.  The moment I met my husband I heard the words in my head, “You will marry him.”  My second thought was, “God, I must be drunk.”  I wish I could tell you that every day I wake up and have coffee with my spirit guides and they tell me exactly what is going to happen … not the case.  What makes me different is that I pay close attention to my first gut reaction.  I trust what my intuition is saying and keep it in mind.  For example, when I had the psychic impression of who I was to marry, I didn’t blurt it out.  It’s not like the next day I said “Well, I see us getting married.  You should move in!”  Can you imagine?  We dated like normal people and I didn’t tell him for a year that I had that vision.

E4A: How did you realize you were psychic? Did you have a vision when you were younger or is it a family business you just came into?

DF: My family’s business is real estate.  My parents used to say that by the time I was standing in the crib I would talk about colors around people and hearing voices.  Like any good mother, she was positive that I was special.  Like any rational father, I was quickly sent to therapy.  In short, seeing auras, or the energy that surrounds every living thing, has just been as common to me as being left-handed.  I’ve spent years studying energy, color, and light work to define and understand what I was seeing.

E4A: Do you feel that being a psychic and also being gay, that you fit into a certain kind of stereotypical box?

DF: That’s a good question.  I don’t know if I fit into a box – however, I do think society gives permission to women and gay men to be more intuitive.  Feelings, emotions, energy, these are all seen as feminine traits – we always hear about women’s intuition.  I also think that many gay people look outside of traditional religion to find their spirituality.  In the New Age community, all are welcome.

E4A: On your facebook page, it says you are married and he looks like quite the catch. Please tell us how you met your Prince Charming and what married life is like.

DF: OK, moment of truth … David and I met seven years ago in the middle of the night.  It was supposed to be an Internet hookup.  What?  I’m only human.  Anyway, turned out he is the love of my life.

We had our wedding on June 10, 2007 at Bedell Vineyard on Long Island.  We are also one of the 18,000 legally married couples in Los Angeles.

Marriage is so much more than I thought it would be.  It’s very powerful having a co-pilot or equal to share my life with.  We work very hard at inspiring each other to be the best we can possibly be.  In short, I am still smitten with the man – he’s the best.

E4A: If you had the chance to do it all over again, what career path would you choose for yourself?

DF: No regrets … I wouldn’t change a thing.

E4A: How is being a psychic different than taking part in other groups that believe in witchcraft and the occult? Have you ever gotten negative feedback for what you do?

DF: Witchcraft or Paganism is more of a religion and way of life; I haven’t really studied that world very much.  I tend to lean more toward Tibetan Buddhism.  In short, Witchcraft is a Goddess or Earth-based philosophy.  Most of my work deals with the spirit world.

E4A: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

DF: My career goals are to write my second book, and host a daytime talk show.  I would love to inspire people to look beyond the physical, to see their true selves and find their happiness within.  My personal goals are to continue putting down roots and building a happy life in Los Angeles.

E4A: Please give our readers advice on how to stay true to themselves as members of the GLBT community:

DF: Simply put, be who you are!  I follow a basic metaphysical guideline that energy follows thought and thought directs energy.  So be proud, be powerful, and emit a light from within that says “I am who am I am, and I love myself.”

Dougall Fraser is the author of the memoir: But You Knew That Already: What a Psychic Can Teach You About Life

For more information, please go to: DougallFraser.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/dougallfraser

Twitter: http://twitter.com/DougallFraser

J. Federico

-Television appearance and book cover images of Mr. Fraser provided by Guttman PR-

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Love: What is it?

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What is love?

Hadaway sure felt like they had it right from their song, but one must ponder exactly, what is love? I myself believe love is what you make of it, how you feel. For many, Valentine ’s Day is the one day of the year people can go all out and spend lots of money on items their significant other may or may not need. Even though the recession might ‘technically’ be over, most people are certainly on a budget. Here are some great gift ideas that don’t require you to spend too much money to impress your significant other.

  • Make something- One of the most obvious gifts that you can do is make something for your significant other. Make them a card or create something that involves something in their life, (hobby, work, etc). I can assure you that they’ll appreciate it, and if you can find all of the stuff you need to build your gift at your house, you don’t have to spend a dime.
  • Although cliché, flowers are an excellent idea for a valentine’s day gift. Don’t be boring and just go to a grocery store and grab a bouquet of flowers that looks nice, make it unique with your own spice and flare and own it! Make those flowers special from you and maybe even add a little card for that added touch.
  • Make your loved one dinner. You don’t have to be a fancy chef to be able to have a nice dinner with the person you love. Just by making the only meal you know how to make will show that you really care about the person, and that you want to make your valentine’s day special. Maybe light a few candles and put on romantic music!
  • Something out of the box that your loved one might appreciate immensely is a Star. I know what you’re thinking, a star? But available for purchase are stars in the night sky that you are able to name after your loved one, and you even get a certificate of authenticity. Two website that you can look into for that is starnamer.com and nameastarlive.com.
  • Perhaps one of the most special gifts to impress a loved one is a mixed tape. Although it was originally brought into the picture in the 80s, it has transformed from mix tape to mix CD, where a person puts songs significant to both parties in the relationship and meaningful, loving songs that might remind you of your boyfriend or girlfriend. It is a cute gift and it’s pretty economical. Just buy blank CDs from the store and rip 20 songs on that bad boy and call it a day!

These are some fun and out of the box ideas for gifts for your loved one this Valentine ’s Day! If you’re on a budget, these are definitely things to consider. They’re fun, thoughtful, and definitely something that your significant other will appreciate and cherish for many years to come… well, maybe all but the flowers!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck with gifts!

Mick Schulz

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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Every year when Valentine’s Day comes around, there’s always that feeling that you need to do something more than just dinner and a movie. This year, Equal4All has compiled a list of simple, different dates so you and your valentine can make the most out of it.

10 things to do together on Valentine’s Day:

Watch the sun rise together. It’s a romantic way to start off the day. Bring your date some of their favorite morning beverages or even breakfast in bed and snuggle together as you watch the sunrise.

Take a trip. Valentine’s Day is part of the weekend this year, and for some it might be longer because of President’s Day, so why don’t you go somewhere for the long weekend? It doesn’t need to be anywhere far or glamorous, just a nice chance to escape the normal everyday routine and be together.

Cook dinner together. Though it might seem more romantic to cook your partner a surprise dinner, it might actually be better if you cook it together. Pick out the menu together, go shopping for it, come back, open a bottle of wine and start cooking. You’ll both have fun while you’re cooking, and even if the meal isn’t the best thing you’ve ever eaten, the fun you had making it will make up for it.

Plan a picnic. If you would still rather surprise your date with a meal, consider turning it into a picnic. Pack it all up with a bottle of wine and a blanket and find somewhere cozy and romantic. If it’s cold where you are, consider setting-up an indoor picnic. You can dim the lights, light some candles, and put on some soft music.

Go see a concert. Seeing a nice show, in a small intimate setting where you can cuddle up listening to music can be very romantic.

Recreate your favorite date. There’s always one date that stands out in a relationship. If you’re in a relationship, you’ve probably had one, so go out and recreate it as a surprise. I’m sure remembering that special day will touch your partner.

Create a spa day. You can either go to the spa and get all the treatments that will relax you and put you in the mood, or you can create a spa day at home. At home, you can give each other manicures, pedicures and massages; just make sure to dim the lights and play soft music so that you get the whole experience.

Scavenger hunt. Leave little notes around the house or town with cute messages for one another that have clues to find the next note. At the end of the scavenger hunt you can be waiting for them with dinner or a gift.

Volunteer together. It may not be the most romantic thing in the world, but Valentine’s Day is about love and sharing your love with others less fortunate is a great thing and will probably draw the two of you closer.

Drive-in movie. Let’s face it, dinner and a movie is a standard date night, and they can get pretty dull. Going to a drive-in is a better alternative. You can bring blankets, pillows, a dinner, and just snuggle up together in privacy – much better than sitting in a crowded theatre with a $7.00 bucket of popcorn.

How will you be spending your day of love?

Lindsay Dahlstrom

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New Relationship Tips and How to Act

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I haven’t had the greatest run with relationships. My love life has been sucky for a while, but if there’s anything I’ve learned from it, it’s how to act while your relationship is still young, tender, and fresh. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts:

DON’T be annoying! A stage 5 clinger is the last thing your partner needs. Try to space out text messages and phone calls. Don’t check on them every 5 minutes. This will lead to serious attachment issues, believe me.

DO play hard to get! Everyone likes a challenge, so why not? DON’T, however, be too defensive. Try to find a happy medium that suits you and your other half.

DON’T make the relationship all about gifts. Sure, flashy things and nice clothes are great, but not at the beginning of a relationship. Save those for when things get serious. Remember, love cannot be bought.

DO make compromises! Don’t make it all about you, and don’t let your partner take all the spotlight. If you find that the other person tends to be an attention whore, stay away! This will only make you feel you belittled, and that should never happen. An occasional expensive dinner or splurge is appropriate, but don’t make your partner go bankrupt!

DON’T break-up because of a few fights. Conflict is natural and in some cases, necessary. Occasional verbal arguments and disagreements will always occur. If you are looking for the perfect relationship, get ready for disappointment. Not everyone can agree on the same things, so don’t expect it to happen with your partner.

DON’T expect your partner to pay for every date! If he insists, convince him to switch things up a little bit and treat him to dinner and a movie once a month. You must give him a break once in a while!

Now, I’m not guaranteeing that these tips will apply to all relationships. These tips were formulated from my own experiences in the dating jungle. Winter is the best time to spread love, so go out there and find your perfect match!

Matt Scotto

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Coming Out at Thanksgiving

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The decision to come out is an important part of any gay man’s life. It’s the chance to finally let the people you love see you for who you are. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, you might start thinking that there is no better time to come out and finally be yourself. Equal4All sat down with two gay men as they shared their views about coming out on a holiday.

“Holidays are very family oriented and I get that it’s a comforting time,” said Jon McPhee, 22, but he doesn’t believe that you have to come out on a holiday. “You should find comfort in coming out anytime of the year, you shouldn’t have to fall back on a holiday. But if that’s what it takes for you to come out, more power to you,” he said.

McPhee, who came out earlier this year, also mentions that the relationship that you have with your family is a huge factor in the coming out process. “Ultimately, it’s your own decision when you want to come out, but I just hope that the reason why people come out on holidays aren’t so they can fall back on it because they fear the outcome. It’s always sad when you hear that someone’s coming out process is a trying experience rather than a positive one.”

Colin Sullivan, 22, had similar feelings about coming out on a holiday. He came out to parents earlier this year and said that he may come out to his sister during the upcoming Thanksgiving. But he too, is unsure if coming out on the holiday is the right way to do it. “I don’t think I could do the ‘tell one, tell all’ type of thing. I wouldn’t want such an important part of my life being associated with the holiday,” he said.

“It’s really just such an important time for a gay man, so when you’re ready to tell people, you should regardless of the circumstances, but just try and be aware of what the reactions might be,” Sullivan said.

Though Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the ideal time to come out for a lot of men, for some, it is. “If you want it to be out there quickly, then jump into the deep end and do it, It’s different for everyone; all I know is that I wouldn’t be comfortable doing it that way,” Sullivan said.

So, if you are planning on coming out this Thanksgiving, just make sure you do it on your own terms and that you’re ready for anything thrown back your way. Sullivan said, “Just be strong, be prepared for any reaction possible … but no matter what they say, or how they react, everything gets better with time.”

What are your thoughts on coming out at Thanksgiving? Please share your ideas below!

-Lindsay Dahlstrom

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Justin Monroe: Something Sexy for all of Us

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Justin Monroe is a photographer of the future; he really doesn’t give a s*** what you think, yet he cares the world over. He’s the hottest mess around and that ain’t a bad thing. Monroe’s newest book, Beautiful, is coming out and here’s what he spilled to E4A


E4A: In your biography on your website, it mentions that your parents (a musician and artist) took you on the road during your childhood – that being said, do you feel that taking to ever-changing environments at such an early age had any influence on your eclectic photographic tastes?

Justin: “Absolutely. I think life is about change and any opportunity to do so has always excited me and inspired me to create unpredictable things in my work. Its like always being the new kid in school. You’re forced to put yourself out there. ”

E4A: Fashion photography; what does it mean to you?

Justin: “Fashion photography to me used to mean a lot. To me now I feel its a money making machine that promotes bulimia and anorexia fueled by coke addiction. It is an awesome target for me. I relish in making fun of it every chance I get. So it gives me good material for books, photo shoots, and concepts. If there is one thing I love about fashion photography and that would be the one single thing is its conceptual value.”

E4A: As a gay man, how do you feel you have thus far changed the face of photography? How do you think you will change it in the future?

Justin:  “I feel like I’ve made a change by introducing my audience to more conceptual, interesting, and imaginative images and not just muscle pictures. Anybody can take a sexy model with a great body and photograph him beautifully. That is a no brainer. But to create an illusion and push the boundaries as to what is considered aesthetically beautiful by mixing it with an element of darkness and humor gives one much more to think about. If I can put a tickle in your panties that’s just an extra plus. I feel by creating the kind of work that I do I hope to help other aspiring photographers shoot what they believe in and not cave in to the bullshit of society.”


E4A: Where did you get the idea to take age-old Catholic icons and turn them into such provocative (and at times, erotic) works of art?

Justin: “Probably when I was going to an all boys catholic school in the Midwest. My grandmother was very religious and wanted me to be a priest and all I wanted to do was be a drag queen. I think being so close to the church and all of its expectations and judgments I felt a sense of hypocrisy within the system—people playing god when they were just mere men. I’m sure I’ll piss a lot of people off by saying this, but it’s truly how I feel. The whole catholic priest thing with the little boys… and you know what I mean, was nonsense. Just goes to show you that money can buy you out of any situation. So my images were a way for me to expose my feelings.”

E4A: Heightened reality; how do you use it to your advantage while working on a shoot?

Justin: “I prefer to live in a world of fantasy. Reality sucks!”

E4A: Tell us about your up and coming new book, Beautiful:

Justin: “Beautiful is about a culture clash between elegance and white trash—depicting the millionaire in the palace and the waitress in the trailer park as completely connected whether they think so or not. It will make us all question what we feel is beautiful.”

E4A: How did you come up with the title of Beautiful?

Justin: “I wanted a title that could be ironic and contrast.”

E4A: What has been your most interesting shoot to date?

Justin: “I think that’s a ridiculous question cause that puts me in a box. Each shoot has its own independent value whether it’d be for its artistic value, humorous content, or its conceptual complexity. It’s like apples and oranges.”

E4A: What’s your take on GLBT marriage?

Justin: “I think people should be able to marry who they wish. I think that all we are asking for as gay individuals are the same right to be as miserable as straight people.”

E4A: Please give advice to anyone who may be struggling with their sexuality:

Justin: “Just remember it’s only a conversation in your head. You’re not any of these things you’re making up about yourself. Allow yourself to be free. Know that you are lovable and do it for yourself.”


E4A: Describe your most perfect date:

Justin: “A hotel room, three smooth bubble butt euro boys, strawberries, and tons, and tons of whip cream.”


Boxers of Briefs?

Justin; “Commando!”

What kind of car do you drive?

Justin; “A black Cadillac.”

Digital photography or film?

Justin: “Both.”

Black and white or color?

Justin: “Tech-no color.”

Favorite day trip destination?

Justin: “Fire Island.”

Happy trail or no happy trail?

Justin: “No trail, in fact no pubic hair at all.”

Interview conducted by J. Federico

Davis Mallory: Equal4all’s FAVORITE Southern Boy!

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You may know him as the “straight-acting gay guy” on MTV’s the Real World: Denver, but Davis Mallory is much, much more than that. Right before the show’s run from November 2006-May 2007, Mallory decided to cope with his sexuality and let the show be his first foray into the gay world. During filming, he struggled with issues concerning his strong Christian background and even a homophobic cast-mate.

Davis was raised in a conservative Southern Baptist home in Marietta, Georgia; and as a young teenager, he was deeply involved with his church. Mallory first had suspicions of his homosexuality in the 6th grade, but it wasn’t until his senior year at Stetson University when he began to accept his orientation, which began his “coming out.”

Despite his family’s disapproval of his homosexuality, Davis graduated from the Pre-med program at Stetson, with dreams of becoming a plastic surgeon. He is now pursuing a career as a model and tours around the country speaking to young audiences about his struggles coming out in a heavily religious household.


E4A: When you first joined the cast of the Real World: Denver, were you ready to accept the fact that you were going to meet people who may or may not have accepted your sexual orientation?

When I went on the Real World, I assumed I’d probably have to have some conversations with less than open-minded roommates; I wasn’t expecting that the conversations would get as heated as they did, especially with the somewhat homophobic Baptist cast mate Steven. He wasn’t homophobic in the sense that he was mean to be because I was gay, he just had little to no experience with homosexuality and an outdated opinion on the subject. I truly believe he changed his mind though, by the end of the season and that was really rewarding. While conversing on the subject, I felt like I held my own at times, but I still didn’t have the answers I needed to articulate my opinion. It wasn’t until the show finished (when some fans mailed me two great books called The Children Are Set Free and What The Bible Really Says About Homosexuality) that I really got my closure and found answers to whether or not I felt it was a sin to be gay. I read them thoroughly and finally had scripture to back up my beliefs. I’ve since lectured at numerous colleges about what the Bible truly says about homosexuality. It’s been very empowering and therapeutic and I wish I had this knowledge when I was filming.

E4A: What goes on during a typical day in the life of Davis Mallory?

As of lately, I’ve been living the “married life.” I’m in a committed relationship with a great guy and we spend a lot of time watching movies together and taking bike rides. Boring, I know, but I’m at peace right now. I had to finally cut off communication with my family – kind of like a bad break-up. It’s been a peaceful chapter in my life though, and I’m healing a lot from some old wounds.

E4A: What is your opinion regarding Prop 8 and gay marriage?

I’m pretty passionate about my opinion that gay marriage should be legalized. I think it will take legal action to finally make a change though. Just like the Supreme Court cases in the mid 20th Century that finally gave African Americans equal right around America, I feel it will take similar court cases to finally make marriage legal for same-sex couples. In the meantime, I feel that if we are not going to be given equal rights as heterosexuals, then we should not be required to pay the same amount of taxes. As far as the religious backing for the opposition of same sex marriages, I find it holds no strong basis. When Christians say their religion tells them that homosexuals cannot get married, why then do they not oppose the marriages of atheists? I find it as ludicrous for Christians to oppose gay marriage as if they were to oppose the marriages of Jews, Muslims, or Buddhists. I think if more people saw the issue through that light, they’d shut up about it, too. Religion should play no part in it. I don’t think that anyone should be able to decide if someone else should be allowed to get married or not, and I hope to see this change occur nationwide in my lifetime. I remain optimistic.

E4A: Was the show your ultimate driving force behind touring the country to speak to audiences about your struggle as a gay person?

I found out after completing my season of the Real World that I would be required to speak at schools – it was something that the “Real Worlders” before me had paved the way for … the subject which I spoke on was of my own choosing. I found that it was personally rewarding to speak about the controversial subject of what the Bible says about homosexuality and I researched the subject greatly. I found the speeches to be popular regardless the attitude of the audience on the issue, and have been able to speak at over 30 universities in just 2 years.

E4A: Any dirt on your former castmates?

While I used to be one who had no problem in running my mouth about my fellow castmates (as evidenced by my experience on the Real World), I try to keep the drama in my life to an all time low – I’ll have to pass on this opportunity and let others speak for themselves. Plus, I do genuinely love the cast I was given on the Real World: Denver.

E4A: Do you or have you ever regretted joining the cast of the Real World: Denver?

I’ve weighed this question of whether I regret doing the Real World from time to time, and I’ve always come up with the same answer, that, no, I don’t regret going on the show. My family life got even more dramatic after I did the show than before, but I think it just sped up the inevitability that we were not intended to really get along. The show wasn’t as profitable as other reality shows, but it wasn’t a real reason why I went on – so, I wasn’t let down in that area either. I was able to travel a great deal on MTV’s dime and that is something I’ll always appreciate. I’ve been to Thailand, South Africa, Japan, and New Zealand all through Real World shows; I’ve also met some pretty unique and wonderful people during the shows I’ve been on and have a lot of great friends from these experiences. Most importantly, I greatly grew in my comfortability with myself. I went on the show after only being out of the closet for a year. That year though, I was in college and didn’t have any gay friends there. I really wasn’t all that much of a great gay role model either. I have grown up and learned a lot by being this figure for the gay community and I appreciate the lessons it has taught me – the biggest is that it’s alright to be gay and that I’m certainly not alone in this, like I had thought I was as a child.

E4A: Any plans for the future or are you focusing on the present for the time being?

The future always has a way of surprising me. I really don’t know my true calling for life, and I’m 25 and actively brain-storming as what to do next. I was pre-med in college and applied to medical schools last summer per my parents’ urging. I’m waiting to hear if I got into a medical school in NYC and one in LA. We’ll see what happens.

E4A: Are you currently dating anyone? What became of PJ?

I have a boyfriend – his name is Matt. We met two years ago while I was on an appearance in Chicago. He’s a great guy and this relationship has been the healthiest I’ve been in to date. PJ and I broke up immediately after filming the Real World; we never really gave it a second go. I had only been dating him for 3-4 months prior to filming the Real World though, and it was entirely long-distance. I think the show portrayed us a little more seriously than what we actually were.


E4A: How was it hooking-up with Ryan Kehoe on the Real World/Road Rules challenges? Was there a spark between you two hotties or was it strictly for the show?

Hooking-up with Ryan Kehoe never went beyond kissing, and the kissing was very much alcohol induced. Ryan is a good friend of mine, but there’s never been a spark there … on my part at least – I think he’d say the same. I have stayed with Ryan in NYC while I was apartment hunting earlier this year after finishing filming The Duel II, and we became even better friends during that time. Ryan will tell you we’re not really each other’s types per se. I’m more into clean-cut Christian guys and he’s kind of a punk-glam-rock mix-up. He is my closest gay Real World friend though, and I am very glad I got to know him through these shows.

E4A: What would be your advice to young people struggling with coming out?

My advice to anyone struggling with coming out is to find your inner strength and stand up for what you believe in your heart is right … that it’s perfectly normal and natural and wonderful that you were made gay. I believe God wanted it that way, and He loves you just the same. It’s all a part of the diversity of this planet we live on. Come out already, because it truly is the best thing I ever did for myself and anyone I’ve ever met would tell you the same. Just like myself, many of my friends were nervous as hell about how their family or friends would take it, but unanimously everyone always finds it to be a huge relief once they do tell their close friends and it’s definitely not as bad as they had thought.


Favorite Color?

Green … like my eyes

Summer or Winter?

Summer for sure … love the beach

Blond or Brunette?

I typically date blonds, if that’s what you’re going for

iPhone or Blackberry?

I have neither – I have the Google phone: G1 and love it; it’s like a combo between an iPhone and a Blackberry because it has a touch screen and a key pad. I used to have a Blackberry and HATED it!

Favorite reality show?

Just finished watching Real Housewives of New Jersey and thought it was great

Website you visit the most?

Besides Facebook and my Gmail, I guiltily do read Perez a good bit, because he’s pro-gay rights and I’m all about that!

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-Interview conducted by Matt Scotto, edited by J. Federico

Author Perry Moore and the Entire GLBT Community Needs YOU!

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Dear friends,

Many of you may not know this, but author Perry Moore (Executive Producer of the Narnia films) has just completed the pilot script of the television rendition of his amazingly well put-together, and ground-breaking book HERO.

As Moore and his team await the green light from the ultra-talented, and gay President of Showtime, Robert Greenblatt, the power truly lies in you to make things happen. It would be ever so generous on your end to take the time and write Mr. Greenblatt a note explaining that a show like HERO does not come along every day, and that this is something you are ALL eagerly hoping to see as a series on Showtime. Unfortunately, the network has lost trailblazing shows such as Queer as Folk and the L-Word, which have done wonders for our community; but let’s face it, the network could use a little more queer representation!

Perry Moore, in a personal e-mail states, “Here is a totally new take for the next generation! All you have to do is Google the official Showtime site, and write him a brief letter that states your hopes and dreams to see the show on air. Now is do or die time … he’ll decide in the next few weeks!”

So please take 5 minutes out of your busy schedules, put the Pride plans on hold for 30 seconds, and make sure your voice is heard – together, we can make a difference!

On behalf of Perry Moore, the GLBT community, and myself,

Thank you!

J. Federico and the E4A team

Read Perry Moore’s interview here