Need Advice? No Problem! Equal4all Q/A

Do you have a question about your sexuality, coming out, your boyfriend – or anything in between? We have the answers! This is where you, our beloved reader, gets to ask anything to our staff – PLUS it’s 100% anonymous.

How to go about asking for advice: Please send an email to equaltester@yahoo.com including your Name (or pseudo-name, if you’re shy), and Question, and we will reply to you directly via blog post on this site. You will also get an email verification saying your question has been answered.

PLEASE NOTE: This portion of equal4all.wordpress.com serves as entertainment purposes only, and is not responsible for actions taken by the person who has sent in a question. We are not trained professionals, yet we know alot about life and can help you to the best of our ability. If in fact we feel you are in any danger whatsoever, we will direct you to seek professional help. But hey, our answers may surprise ya!

All questions will be answered within 14 business days.

Dear Equal4all, Where does one go to meet up with gay singles in a non-threatening “closeted” atmosphere? Thank you! –ClosetMan

Dear ClosetMan, First off, I understand how hard it is to want to get out there in the world of rainbow but you are restrained by your fear of being “discovered,” as you are still in the closet. I was there once, but I eventually got over my fear and spread my wings – I never looked back. I would say start off by creating a personal profile on a gay men’s dating site such as outpassions.com or gaydardate.com and put yourself out there. It is a lot less threatening to “meet” someone online first than to actually meet them in person. Even though it is less personal, it’s 2008, so be open to any possibility to achieve your goal. You may want to say you are just looking for friendship to start, as you want to build up your contact list. As you get more comfortable chatting away, you can then ask the people you meet (that are in the same boat as you) where they go to have a good, and safe time. If you are feeling more adventuresome, you may want to just head to the local gay bar. Since we are based in NNJ, may I suggest going to Feathers or Switch, both of which cater to many tastes and are very laid back and definitely not threatening. If you find yourself in NYC, may I suggest heading straight for Elmo, a “gay friendly” bar that plays the top 40 pop list, and is also a laid back environment. Most of the wait staff is gay, and hey, if you don’t feel okay there, at least you have eye candy at your service. Please remember to always stay safe!

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