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Justin Monroe: Something Sexy for all of Us

In Art, Being Gay, Dating, Gay Business, Gay Celebrity, Gay Weddings, Relationships on August 6, 2009 at 11:25 pm

Justin Monroe is a photographer of the future; he really doesn’t give a s*** what you think, yet he cares the world over. He’s the hottest mess around and that ain’t a bad thing. Monroe’s newest book, Beautiful, is coming out and here’s what he spilled to E4A


E4A: In your biography on your website, it mentions that your parents (a musician and artist) took you on the road during your childhood – that being said, do you feel that taking to ever-changing environments at such an early age had any influence on your eclectic photographic tastes?

Justin: “Absolutely. I think life is about change and any opportunity to do so has always excited me and inspired me to create unpredictable things in my work. Its like always being the new kid in school. You’re forced to put yourself out there. ”

E4A: Fashion photography; what does it mean to you?

Justin: “Fashion photography to me used to mean a lot. To me now I feel its a money making machine that promotes bulimia and anorexia fueled by coke addiction. It is an awesome target for me. I relish in making fun of it every chance I get. So it gives me good material for books, photo shoots, and concepts. If there is one thing I love about fashion photography and that would be the one single thing is its conceptual value.”

E4A: As a gay man, how do you feel you have thus far changed the face of photography? How do you think you will change it in the future?

Justin:  “I feel like I’ve made a change by introducing my audience to more conceptual, interesting, and imaginative images and not just muscle pictures. Anybody can take a sexy model with a great body and photograph him beautifully. That is a no brainer. But to create an illusion and push the boundaries as to what is considered aesthetically beautiful by mixing it with an element of darkness and humor gives one much more to think about. If I can put a tickle in your panties that’s just an extra plus. I feel by creating the kind of work that I do I hope to help other aspiring photographers shoot what they believe in and not cave in to the bullshit of society.”


E4A: Where did you get the idea to take age-old Catholic icons and turn them into such provocative (and at times, erotic) works of art?

Justin: “Probably when I was going to an all boys catholic school in the Midwest. My grandmother was very religious and wanted me to be a priest and all I wanted to do was be a drag queen. I think being so close to the church and all of its expectations and judgments I felt a sense of hypocrisy within the system—people playing god when they were just mere men. I’m sure I’ll piss a lot of people off by saying this, but it’s truly how I feel. The whole catholic priest thing with the little boys… and you know what I mean, was nonsense. Just goes to show you that money can buy you out of any situation. So my images were a way for me to expose my feelings.”

E4A: Heightened reality; how do you use it to your advantage while working on a shoot?

Justin: “I prefer to live in a world of fantasy. Reality sucks!”

E4A: Tell us about your up and coming new book, Beautiful:

Justin: “Beautiful is about a culture clash between elegance and white trash—depicting the millionaire in the palace and the waitress in the trailer park as completely connected whether they think so or not. It will make us all question what we feel is beautiful.”

E4A: How did you come up with the title of Beautiful?

Justin: “I wanted a title that could be ironic and contrast.”

E4A: What has been your most interesting shoot to date?

Justin: “I think that’s a ridiculous question cause that puts me in a box. Each shoot has its own independent value whether it’d be for its artistic value, humorous content, or its conceptual complexity. It’s like apples and oranges.”

E4A: What’s your take on GLBT marriage?

Justin: “I think people should be able to marry who they wish. I think that all we are asking for as gay individuals are the same right to be as miserable as straight people.”

E4A: Please give advice to anyone who may be struggling with their sexuality:

Justin: “Just remember it’s only a conversation in your head. You’re not any of these things you’re making up about yourself. Allow yourself to be free. Know that you are lovable and do it for yourself.”


E4A: Describe your most perfect date:

Justin: “A hotel room, three smooth bubble butt euro boys, strawberries, and tons, and tons of whip cream.”


Boxers of Briefs?

Justin; “Commando!”

What kind of car do you drive?

Justin; “A black Cadillac.”

Digital photography or film?

Justin: “Both.”

Black and white or color?

Justin: “Tech-no color.”

Favorite day trip destination?

Justin: “Fire Island.”

Happy trail or no happy trail?

Justin: “No trail, in fact no pubic hair at all.”

Interview conducted by J. Federico