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Glee Interviews: Finn Hudson Dishes to Equal4All!

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Cory Monteith of Glee (a.k.a Finn Hudson) took time out of his busy schedule to talk to Equal4All. Monteith plays a character who struggles with who he is, even though he used to rule the school in his jock ways with a gorgeous blond bombshell by his side. Check out what the handsome, fresh actor had to say!

Equal4All: As per your appearance on The View several months ago, you were telling your fans that you auditioned for Glee by playing percussion on Tupperware with pencils. Can you tell us why that was so important in order to get the part of Finn Hudson?

Cory Monteith: The director and producer always told me that I stuck out in their minds BECAUSE I did do that instead of singing for my first audition. Personally, I think that setting yourself apart from other people in auditions or anything really will help you stick out in people’s minds.

E4A: Your character has some underlying issues going on, and one of them is not feeling completely satisfied with who you are. Can you please tell us how you draw out emotion week to week and portray such a complex being?

CM: When I play Finn, I really like to get into his head; I try and feel how he would feel. Like any human, I have had times when I’ve felt like I wasn’t enough, and I wasn’t 100% satisfied with who I am. I just try and tap into Finn’s mind, and my mind, and I guess it works.

E4A: Two words: Kurt Hummel. Tell us how you feel about having a fellow male be completely head over heels for your character?

CM: Honestly, it doesn’t affect me. One thing I love though is that Finn has NO idea. Kurt puts himself out there, and has told Finn how he feels but Finn just doesn’t pay attention.

E4A: Quick, on your toes … Finn Hudson ACTUALLY got a girl pregnant … what would he do?

CM: If Finn actually got a girl pregnant, I think he would just keep doing what he was doing when he thought he had gotten Quinn pregnant – always be there for her, and hold her hand through the way. Finn is just a caring guy, and you really see that when he thinks he is the father.

E4A: Please give advice to anyone who may be struggling with who they truly are:

CM: Always, no matter what, be true to yourself … no matter who that is. You are you for a reason. And never think that you’re not good enough, because if you do then other people may just start thinking that … and who knows, they may even tell you someday.

E4A: Can you offer any juicy gossip about your fellow cast mates?

CM: Ooh, juicy gossip? Well, you guys should know that we all hate each other! Just joking! Honestly, we are like one big happy family; it’s kinda sick actually. The whole cast and crew gets along great.

There ya have it, folks … words straight from Cory Monteith’s mouth to your screen (well, Monteith’s hands to your screen, but whatever)! After the second Glee interview, I’m really starting to think that the cast is made-up of a bunch of sweethearts!

Disclaimer: The above answers may or not be those of the actor Cory Monteith of Glee. It sure as hell sounds like it could be him, don’t you think? Social networking sites have a funny way of taking part in guerilla marketing tactics…

-Joseph Federico

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Glee Interviews: Rachel Berry’s Coffee Talk

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When I was a senior in high school, I admittedly opted to take an independent study class – that class was choir. Back then, there were no shows on television such as Glee that my fellow students and I could turn to for support and encouragement. With that being said, that’s why Equal4All did some digging and asked Lea Michele (aka Rachel Berry) to talk to you lovely Gleeks about her roots, how she relates to her character, and then some.

Equal4All: You had your start in Les Misérables; how do you feel that experience has prepared you for playing the role of Rachel Berry?

Lea Michele: Yes, Les Mis was my start. I think by doing this, it helped me get used to performing in front of crowds. My mom used to tell me, “No matter what, do your thing and don’t let ANYONE get you down.” So I generally follow that motto.

E4A: What top qualities of your Glee character can you most identify with?

LM: Hmm, leadership and the controlling factor. That’s pretty much me.

E4A: Rachel Berry has two gay dads and mentions it every chance she gets; how do you feel putting something like that out there with no apologies or regrets is perceived by the fans of the show?

LM: I’m 100% for Gay Rights and such. That’s their decision, and I have NO problem with it.

E4A: When I was in high school, choir wasn’t the most popular extra curricular activity on the list. How do you think Glee is changing the face of high school choirs in this country?

LM: Glee is letting people know that it’s okay to be who you are. Shine and be yourself – don’t change for anyone.

E4A: Please give advice to anyone who may be struggling with who they truly are:

LM: Be yourself! Don’t go around trying to be other people – be the real you. If someone doesn’t accept you for that, then they’re pretty stupid.

E4A: Can you offer fans any juicy details about the upcoming episodes of Glee?

LM: Hmm, well in the next episode airing May 4th in the United States it’s all chaotic! We’re doing a super cool Gaga episode … be sure to tune in!

Isn’t Rachel Berry (I mean Lea Michele) such a doll? I really hope I get a chance to meet her someday … or if not, I guess watching Glee Tuesday nights will have to suffice; I better get my singing voice ready!

If you had the chance, what Glee character or actor/tress would you like to interview? Comments are encouraged below!

Disclaimer: The above answers may or not be those of the actress Lea Michele of Glee. It sure as hell sounds like it could be her, don’t you think? Social networking sites have a funny way of taking part in guerilla marketing tactics…

Joseph Federico

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Top to Bottom

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Currently rocking: Kraftwerk’s “The Man Machine;” “Robots” is currently playing!

Okay so I feel great blogging away!! It’s so far a sort of stream of consciousness but that’s how I converse; I don’t want to sit and plan what is appropriate for me to say! I much prefer to chat with all you sexy people in a natural, candid way!

I am going to segway from my beauty blog about feeling sexy to actual SEX and relationships – from tops to bottoms and those who are versatile … back to butch, femmes, and Andros! MORE and MORE labels to pigeonhole ourselves further into little cubby holes so we can literally SHOP for an “IDEAL” partner – or more truthfully, an “IDEAL” compliment to our outward appearances in society’s grip.

Yes much of it may be preferential, but these labels can sometimes serve as a mask. Why can’t we all just be the beautiful individuals Mother Nature intended us to be?!! Guys look at me: I am 5’11, 155lbs., skinny, white, artsy – and they assume so much without knowing me. Assumptions are: You are a total “femme bottom” that loves to be bossed around. My outgoing enthusiastic attitude also makes me seem “gullible,” I’ve discovered … how wrong is that?!!

In relationships, I tend to be the “MAN” – the one that “wears the pants.” But if we’re both boys, then we both wear pants – and girls wear pants too! I’m confused ALREADY with antiquated gender jargon!! Isn’t it interesting that all this terminology harkens back to the 1950’s standard of men’s and women’s role in society? Antiquated much?!

I prefer to top. I’ve tried bottoming many times and it hasn’t (in the past) been fulfilling to me. THAT does NOT mean I rule it out for all eternity. I think the ideal relationship for me is one where there is an ebb and flow … versatility, if you will. I just haven’t met the right guy for that yet!

If you want to feel the meaning of label constriction and have a good laugh, read Keith Swain’s “book” Dynamic Duo. Never before have I seen someone simplify the complexities of the human condition so ignorantly. One of my back-up dancers gave me this book; he is one of the sweetest guys I have ever had the pleasure of knowing but he is totally indoctrinated into this “SYSTEM” for finding your mate! There is no ONE way to find love or happiness!! LIFE doesn’t have a handbook, so open your mind and take an adventure!!

I outwardly proclaim NOT having a specific type (looks-wise). Some friends say I like pretty boys, tortured artsy boys, White, Latin, black, or even Asian (now I’m beginning to sound like a Missy Elliot song!). I like it all, but it really depends on chemistry, energy, and dynamics of the individual! Many of the men I’ve been in serious relationships with have been physically shorter than I am, about the same build, and with personalities slightly more BETA. I think personal motivation and a killer work ethic is pretty sexy.

My friends always say I’m the “Butchest gay guy” they know … which means what exactly?! I don’t have a typical butch build, but I’m just a “regular guy” personality wise? HUH? I’m flummoxed.  I’m just myself – a dude – a dude who is a musician and gay. I’m an old-fashioned romantic when it comes to courting. I like to buy my guy flowers, pay for dinners when I can (keep in mind: I am a full-time INDIE ARTIST! HAHA) i.e. do the typical “male” role things in the relationship. But this is also because I’m a Libra and love beauty in all its incarnations … even gesture! Does this mean that I don’t adore the reciprocity of such behavior? Of course not! I appreciate thoughtfulness and effort too!! There is nothing more appealing to me than a man who allows himself to be soft, feminine, and most importantly, receptive to another man’s energy.

So much of the gay community’s energy IS this “TAKE IT BITCH!” attitude! I truly believe this is subconscious misogyny … or conscious!! There is so much beauty and power in surrender, opening your mind and heart enough TO accept another man.

It was very amusing to me to read these match.com, OkCupid.com, and all the other dating site profiles out there on the web. I’ve tried the online-dating thing and it just wasn’t for me – meaning I never found a LTR. However, I did find some great sex … still fantasize about this one guy – sexy psycho; I threw his phone out a window! LOL, anyway… All the dates I’ve been on from Okcupid.com that claimed desire of a LTR, I had sex with after maybe 3 dates (granted these are THE FEW I didn’t get up and walk out on the first date!!) Match.com: 1 guy , first date = sex – this guy was looking for a “HUSBAND.” LOL – keep in mind I expressed interest in meeting guys for short-term dating, long-term dating, and sex … no ambiguity, no grey areas.

There will be a profile of a seemingly great guy. He is super cute, interesting, multi-faceted, seemingly very educated, and then at the end of his post it will say: MASCULINE ONLY. NO QUEENS PLEASE. U MUST WORK OUT 6X A WEEK. WTF?!!! Men come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and dispositions; what is so wrong with an effeminate male? I love a queen in my man – it’s exciting, dynamic and multi-dimensional. We are oppressed enough as it is. Now I KNOW a great deal of attraction is personal preference. For Example, I typical enjoy darker features – Mediterranean or Latin. I’m not too into blonde-hair, blue-eyes TYPICALLY. However, I have fallen for one or two blondies that caught my attention with another more attractive quality to me! So I can’t say that I rule any one physical “TYPE” of guy out! I like a good adventure!! I’ve dated tall, short, large, small, geeky, preppy, angsty, prissy, trans, and bi just to name a few!!

But what I DO NOT understand is this whole “I want a straight/straight acting guy” fantasy?!! I don’t want a straight man! I want a gay man! I love my gays!! I want someone I can embrace and kiss their face off in public anytime I want – or screw on the street in the middle of the west village on a Friday night at 9pm!! HAHA – get the condoms and the Boy Butter (best lube ever!!) THIS is why so many men are single. BECAUSE they are so close-minded and see other gays who are more comfortable with themselves and are intimidated.

I’ve read several essays about gender identity and the gay men’s disdain for other gay men’s effeminate natures. Some people suggest that this not self-hatred or homophobia, but rather misogyny – A total disregard for all things FEMININE. This is SO sad, especially for our community. One of the things that has made homosexuals sacred in certain cultures, for example Native American traditions, is that we had BOTH energies – two souls!!  We need to get back to this!! Peace, Love, and Happiness!!

-Charlie Demos


Charlie is a fantabulous pop singer who will be guest-blogging for Equal4all for the next several weeks.

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Equal4all Giveaway: What Has Been Your MOST Memorable Spring Fling to date?

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Equal4all is teaming up with Ginch Gonch to bring you, our adoring readers, another giveaway!

Want to show off what your mama gave ya or just simply boost your self-esteem?

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Answer the following question:

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We are not talking about your hottest hook-up (entries that are sexual in nature will be disqualified immediately!). Tell us about your guilty pleasure with a television show, favorite food, and everything in between. Please keep entries between 150-200 words. Most importantly, be CREATIVE; the most creative and humorous entries will be chosen.

You have ONE month to enter this contest – ONE entry per person. Anyone who does not follow official game rules will be disqualified.

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Milk – It Does a Gay Body Good!

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It’s difficult to explain the feeling that comes over me when I am sitting in a movie theater and see two men kiss on screen.  To get the obvious out of the way, it’s as far removed from a sexual feeling as possible.  The first word that comes to mind: comfort. A voice whispering, “It’s okay.” All of my life I have been an avid movie-goer, hooked since I saw Ariel fall for Prince Eric in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, and yet in my twenty-two years I can remember only a handful of on-screen same-sex kisses; the number of those that weren’t overtly sexual, aggressive, or a punch line is even fewer.

Within the first five minutes of Gus Van Sant’s newest film, the biopic Milk, two of the largest male stars in the world, Sean Penn and James Franco, not only kiss on a subway platform moments after the opening credits have faded from view, but lay in bed together, playfully wiping cake on each other’s faces as Harvey Milk rings in his fortieth birthday.   “Forty years old, and I’ve yet to do something I’m proud of,” he says to his new companion.  The film, while not perfect, has much to be proud of; first and foremost its balance of portraying gay rights with the weight it deserves in today’s society, while also portraying the love between two men as something not to be gawked at.

It is this shading that makes Milk so important.  It is a reminder of how far we have come since the days of gay men being murdered in the streets of San Francisco.  And it is a reminder of how much further we have to go!

This movie has an enormous amount of weight on its shoulders, especially coming in the shadow of the devastating outcome of California’s Prop 8.   Iconic images of protests abound scene after scene, bringing to mind these recent struggles of the gay community. And while a thought running through my mind while watching the events unfold, was how much I wish the bigots of the world would be forced to sit down and watch the film – I know it would be as pointless as getting me to sit down and watch football.  (Some things just won’t happen.)   What it does accomplish, however, in the process of preaching to the choir, is it gives the young gay community, a somewhat ignorant bunch in which I place myself, an education about our history.

The life of a gay people in my generation includes a fair amount of strident optimism, bucking the norm and declaring the lack of mainstream acceptance as superfluous to our existence. We have our own magazines. We have our own bars. We get by fine without the support, right?    Some people do everything they can to distance themselves from conformity, defining themselves by their sexuality and donning sky-high wigs above piles of makeup.  To me, while mainstream acceptance has never been my mission in life, it also seems a bit like a defense mechanism to declare we’re fine without it; putting up a front because it’s a goal we know is unattainable – foolish even.

Seeing this first on screen kiss in what is, to my knowledge, the first mainstream movie about the gay rights movement, felt like my reawakening as a gay man.  Mainly because the love story in the midst of Harvey Milk’s empowering quest to be the first openly gay elected official in major office is presented with such delicacy and lack of salaciousness that it took my breath away.  We don’t see Harvey spitting on his dick and fucking his lover like the characters in Brokeback Mountain.  We see him making breakfast, taking photographs, walking up behind his lover and putting his arms around him on the street.   Its homosexuality portrayed in as innocent a way as those Disney heroines of my youth.  For brief moments, its homosexuality portrayed with an air of nonchalance.

That word, “nonchalance” exists in this movie because of how completely Penn throws himself into the character.  He is never a straight actor playing gay.  He is Harvey Milk.  But truth be told, however the love story is portrayed, little in Milk’s life—at least the chapters portrayed on screen—was nonchalant.

Milk’s mouth may as well have been a bullhorn.  From the moment he moved to San Francisco he found a platform for his politics, made up of a dash of the typical scheming that is commonplace in today’s political climate and a bucket of infectious passion, which he poured over anyone he came into contact with.

“I am Harvey Milk, and I want to recruit you,” he says while standing on a soapbox.  And for the duration of the movie, that’s exactly what he does.  By the time his assassination occurs—an event we know is coming since the beginning of the film—the on-screen Harvey Milk has managed to do for this generation what the real Milk did for his: inspire.  We are human beings deserving of the same rights as everyone else on this Earth.

Harvey Milk was one person with passion who was able to make a change.  We are all capable.  Our biggest foe is our own complacency (and, in this case, people with guns … which is why you won’t find me supporting gun rights anytime soon).  With a little work, we may be viewed as so regular that mainstream romantic comedies are made with two men as the leads.  Wishful thinking?  Perhaps.  But that’s just what Harvey Milk had.  And that’s everything.

Written by Matthew Murphy, edited by J. Federico