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Manscaping and the Road to Self-beauty

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Hello, everyone! OK, so I’ve never BLOGGED before and I’m super excited to!! I think it’s imperative to let you all know WHAT I’m listening to whilst blogging – considering MUSIC is my life’s work and such a HUGE part of my life!! I’m currently rocking Royksopp‘s album “Junior”. Check it out!!

I wanted to my first blog ever to be about something fun and lighthearted, but with a deeper undertone!  I am going to talk about manscaping, male beauty upkeep, and body maintenance!  The more I hang around with my fabulous drag Queen, burlesque performer, performance artist and stripper friends, the more high-maintenance I become; the more vain I become!! OMG Vanity 6 is a huge inspiration to me!! All of Prince’s work is … side tracked sorry!

I like to think of it more like getting a self-esteem boost. I used to be au naturale and was convinced that manscaping and body maintenance outside of exercise was fake and superficial. You can even watch an interview with Mike Diamond where I speak out on purposefully NOT upkeeping my man-bush. I do believe this attitude was due to the fact that I have an eating disorder – anorexia – and I have been in the recovery process for 2 years.

Without creating a blog entry entirely ABOUT my anorexia, I will quickly say that this disorder, in my experience, has been about LACK of self-confidence, self-esteem, psychological delusions, and pressure from society to conform to this super-powered image of WHAT is “beautiful” as opposed to feeling beauty, sexy, and SEXUAL in your own skin.

Although men’s beauty treatments and beauty rituals are becoming more and more mainstream, it is still a TABOO … in The United States anyway! What’s wrong with a guy wanting to look his best? With a shave here, a dye there, some makeup even? There are people in both the homo and heterosexual communities that would deem it “prissy,” “primpy”, or “feminine.” However, I find that this is a disregard and disdain for the feminine energy that resides in us all – male, female, straight, gay, bi, trans, pan … whatever! We all have our masculine and feminine sides; both are exciting, beautiful, and part of our nature! And who is it that deems beauty a strictly feminine thing?!! Throughout all cultures and all of time, men have adorned themselves and have had rituals to make themselves more appealing to their mates and to themselves.

I started trying to manscape with a straight razor. WHAT?!! Holy shizz – it was precarious at the VERY LEAST! How is one supposed to get everything organized and balanced when a shaky hand holds a RAZOR so close to the goods?!! And the ass shaving?! FORGET it! I’m big into yoga but I don’t want to have to wrap my legs around my head to get a clear shot of my ass; it’s all about an electric razor. I recently purchased one from Duane Reade – $20.00 – it’s Conair and has 4 attachments INCLUDING a nose hair trimmer! BONUS! Even the most modest guy NEEDS a good nose hair maintenance every so often.

Anyway, it slowly became a ritual for me! I would set some incense burning, put on a good movie or PORN, and have at it! The electric razor is super efficient and gentle. Apply some baby powder directly after and you are GOOD to go! It made me super horny shaving and I found myself hyper-sexual afterwards – masturbating with surprisingly sensational results! I’m a regular manscaper and will never go back! Why would I? If there is a heightened sense of sensation with just me, add another boy to the equation and it’s explosive!! And that’s what I want. For far too long have I heard complaints about my bright red fire crotch hairs getting in my lover’s mouth! Not anymore! I just recently discovered pubic hair dye!! GENIUS! Now I can be a mer-man with BLUE or GREEN pubes or my rock star self with PINK pubes! I have two Brazilian friends that SWEAR by BLEACHING their pubes – to each his own! I really feel your outward identity should be about your inner play! Sexpression!!

As for other maintenance, I’ve found there are some things for me and some NOT for me. I love hair masks, face masks, and eye brow threading. As a performer and recording artist, I need my live show “LOOK” to be super theatrical and fantastical. Over the past year or so, I’ve carried some of my stage look into my everyday look. I love guyliner. I’m a total new-waver/goth at heart … what can I say? But one of the SEXIEST things to me is a boy with some stubble and eye-liner – add a little glitter = HOLY HOTNESS! I really feel like the world would be a much happy place with government issued GLITTER … for everyone!

Each person’s standard or idea of attractive/beautiful is as different as snowflakes. But I find ways to make myself feel more beautiful and that’s a good thing! Self Love people SELF LOVE!! Don’t get me wrong, I do a lot of work on the inside too – a dedicated student of yoga, meditation, volunteer, activist, continuing my education, and striving to better my craft. But why not look you SUPER best when doing one of those things?! “To each his own” is my motto for life!

Charlie Demos


Charlie is a fantabulous pop singer who will be guest-blogging for Equal4all for the next several weeks. Check out his amazing interview, too!

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