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10 Ways to Turn Your Room Hippie Chic!

In Art, decor, home furnishings, Lounges, Music on August 7, 2009 at 12:52 am

Hey there, wild thing. Have you always dreamed of living in a hippie commune – a place where you could let your hair down, create strands of love beads, and meditate to chants of “Hari Om?” Even if you haven’t, we are offering 10 tips on how to turn your pad into the ultimate flower child palace.


1. Shag Rug

Shag carpeting has always been a staple of hippie culture. It has been a hit ever since it was created and has been popular ever since. You can find all types of shag rugs at www.justshagrugs.com, with prices varying by size and brand.

Hippie Tip: Get groovy colors like burnt orange or lime green!


2. Retro Lighting

No authentic hippie room is complete without some great retro lighting. You can get some really cool lamps at www.meteorlights.com.

Hippie Tip: Try looking for vintage lava lamps and other light fixtures at garage sales. It’s so much more authentic to have the real thing.


3. Tie-Dye!

Tie-Dying clothing and other fabrics was HUGE in the hippie days! Better yet, it’s extremely simple to tie-dye any fabric you want. Learn how to tie-dye like a pro by visiting www.pburch.net.

Hippie Tip: Instead of buying or making your own tie-dye comforter, try a wall tapestry; that will allow you to do more, color-wise, in your room.


4. Macramé Plant Hangers

This one is VERY authentic.  If you don’t want your room looking tacky, hang these up for an original 60s vibe. While being colorful, hippies were also very earth-conscious. These hangers were representative of that. You can pick up these knotted planters at www.leprechaunsgarden.com.

Hippie Tip: Place spider plants in the macramé planters. This was very big during that time.


5. Candles

It was well known in the 60s that hippies weren’t the wealthiest of people. So, when the lights shut off, candles were lit. You can find some great retro candles by visiting www.oldhippiecandles.com.

Hippie Tip: Try burning incense or scented candles!


6. Posters

Having your favorite rock stars all over your wall was a popular way of self-expression back in the 60s. You can find over 50,000 posters at www.allposters.com.

Hippie Tip: Hang posters along with other art pieces such as paintings and tapestry to really show your creative side.


7. Beaded Curtains

Wooden and glass beaded curtains for doors are still popular today, with hundreds upon hundreds of designs to choose from! Head over to www.thebeadedcurtain.com.

Hippie Tip: For a more updated retro look, use glass and plastic. For an authentic look, use real wood.


8. Bean Bag Chairs

Having friends over? Buy some bean bag chairs for seating! For a large selection, go to www.thebeanbagchairoutlet.com.

Hippie Tip: Buy an extra large bean bag chair so your friends can fit too!


9. Rattan Furnishings

Looking for shelves or ottomans? Rattan is a sure way to give your room a retro look and you can get them at rattanland.com.

Hippie Tip: They even sell Rattan floor lamps!


10. Pet Rocks

They may have not been a best friend like your dog, but these everlasting pets were all the rage.

Hippie Tip: Original pet rocks are extremely hard to come by and aren’t sold in stores!

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-Matt Scotto