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Top 10 Hippie Songs

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Are you groovy people feeling the peace, love, and happiness in your life yet? With all this talk of Woodstock’s 40th anniversary, Taking Woodstock hitting theaters soon, and E4A running a month-long hippie series, I should hope so! If you aren’t for whatever reason – let’s say the government’s got you down or the war overseas is too much to handle – try burning some jasmine incense and blasting these 10 hippie songs; they’re a surefire way to make you one with your personal earth mother!

10. Woodstock – Joni Mitchell
9. Good Morning Starshine – Oliver
8. Green Tambourine – Lemon Pipers
7. Lady of the Lake – Strawberry Alarm Clock
6. I Dig Rock and Roll Music – Peter, Paul and Mary
5. In a Rainbow – Sweetwater
4. Itchykoo Park – The Small Faces
3. My Generation – The Who
2. White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
1. Hari Om – Ravi Shankar

Check out why Woodstock was so big in 1969, and how to turn your room into a Hippie haven!

-J. Federico

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Equal4all Short: Remembering Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson was a true role model for budding musicians around the world. In this day and age, it’s so rare to hear a musician not mention Jackson as an inspiration; He was considered to be the biggest pop star of all time, and he now leaves behind a legacy of music and dance.


As I look back on my childhood (mind you, I was a baby of the 80s—a time when Michael Jackson truly reigned his Pop Kingdom Court in all his glory), I remember listening to his music all the time alongside my parents. I used to wonder, “Who is this guy and why is he in every song on the radio?” And as I grew older, the answer to those questions became crystal clear. The world has lost a sensational angel.

My Top 5 Favorite Michael Jackson Songs:

5. Black or White

4. The Way You Make Me Feel

3. Smooth Criminal

2. Thriller

1. Billie Jean

Do YOU have any memories of the King of Pop? Please share them below!

-Written by Matt Scotto, edited by J. Federico

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Just Call Him … Charlie

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Charlie Demos is the artist to keep on your radar in 2009! He’s a hip out and proud musician, and currently preparing to launch his third album – his debut album was launched in 2006, which had three chart-topping hits and that was the beginning of an excellent adventure! The rest is history…

.Charlie, please tell us and our readers how it feels to be preparing for the launch of your third album? Did you ever think you’d get this far when you first ventured off into the wonderful world of music?

C: I feel great about it! I live and breathe music; so, it’s very natural for me to constantly create new songs for people to experience and hopefully, enjoy! I definitely knew I would be performing by now, but I NEVER would have guessed I would have my hands in so many aspects of my own career. Not only am I composing, producing, and performing all my own music but I’m also managing myself – and I love it!

.How do you think your experience with “making it” as a gay artist differs from someone who is straight – for instance, somebody like Justin Timberlake or Britney Spears? Do you think it’s harder for gay musicians to become a success because of their sexual preference and orientation?

C: People place too much emphasis on outcome and not enough attention on the experience of getting to where you want to go. “Making it” means something different to everyone. To me “making it” means I get to do what I love most everyday and support myself by doing it – it doesn’t mean having millions of dollars and a bunch of real estate. I think in some regards, it’s easier in this day and age for out artists to get recognition within the community because of wonderful resources like LOGO, HERE, OutMusic, and many other organizations that bring out arts and entertainment to people both nationally and internationally.  On the other hand, mainstream pop music still isn’t entirely gay friendly – there really isn’t an artist who began their career completely out of the closet and has made it in mainstream. I do think it’s coming though – soon

.How do you think your music has and will influence people in general?

C: I’ve been told by fans of my music that I empower them to be more assertive in their lives and not take any s***t – which is great! Music inspires me, comforts me, and gives me a deep connection to the artist; that’s what I want for people who love my music! I hope that people will relate to what I’m saying and have a great time doing it. I want people to know that although I’m a musician, I’m also a dude. I have good days, bad days, strengths and weaknesses just like everyone else. I want my audience to draw strength, self-confidence, and a playful sense of “in your face” moxie from my songs. Sometimes what I’m saying is very specific to my personal experiences; sometimes I’m calling out for people to drop the stress and rock out! Either way, we are all human beings and our experiences are universal. 

.How do you feel your music differs from today’s countless genres of music already out there?

C: Well my music definitely falls into the “Pop” genre. However, I have a diverse palate of musical influences, which gives me a unique sound.  I’m a little rock, a little soul, dance, 80s new wave, electro-experimental avant-garde,  and music from all around the world! I try to incorporate all of this into my personal soundscape. That’s what’s so great about pop music – there is room for every artist to be themselves, and to express their own experiences in a “one-of-a-kind” way.  Whether or not one would CHOOSE to be themselves is up to that individual … but I choose ME 100%!!

.What was the deciding factor in incorporating traditional Greek and Gypsy music into your own music?

C: That’s where my passion and fiery, rebellious spirit comes from! Haha – I’ve yet to fully incorporate these musical traditions into my music. Everything about Middle Eastern music, the minor tonalities, instruments, and vocal ornamentation captivates me! I’ve always dreamed of making a Middle Eastern record but I’m not quite there yet.


.What’re your thoughts on gay marriage? Do you think President-elect Obama will make an effort to change the current policies?

C: I was overjoyed at Obama’s election – and even more excited when Hilary accepted the secretary of state position; I have been a supporter of hers from day one. Of course I believe that gay people should be allowed to marry! I want to get married some day! Unfortunately, I don’t think gay marriage will be legalized nation wide anytime soon. Ultimately, it will be left up to the individual states, which is better than nothing. Rick Warren is no help either … However, I am very proud that my home state, Connecticut, was one of the first!

.Please give advice to those out there who are struggling with coming to terms about who they truly are:

C: We all need to work towards accepting who we are at the present moment. Everyone has a reason for being in this life, a purpose, and everyone has gifts to give to the world. Life is too short and way too beautiful to not follow the individual rhythm of your own heart. We pride ourselves on “coming out,” but this is only the first brave step on an amazing and sometimes rocky road to self-discovery.  Our community can be really superficial, judgmental, and discriminatory – which saddens me but also fires me up to be 100% unapologetically Charlie – and tell everyone “this is bulls***! Wake up robots!! Who you are, who you really are on the inside, all those hidden dreams and desires … ROCK! Let’s ditch the frivolity and party!!”

Quick, on your toes…

Blue or red?

C: RED. Always red. The color of Passion, Love, and Romance!


The ocean or a lake?

C: I love nature. This is a tough one! I would have to say Lake … in Vermont … with a breath-taking mountain view!


Cook or take-out?

C: Take-out! I am the WORST cook in the world, but I can definitely order in, heat it up, and serve it as my own! Haha – *wink*


Blonds or brunettes?

C: Red heads. I am a red-head. HELL-O!!


What kind of car do you drive?

C: I’m a New Yorker – we don’t drive. It’s all about mass transit – subways, buses, and the occasional cab.


Favorite candy bar?

C: Twix and Snickers duke it out for my top pick in this category. And snickers wins! It’s the peanuts. Anything peanutty is a weakness of mine. Mix that with caramel AND chocolate … game over


Favorite website?

C: www.pandora.com – boring … but HEY free streaming music 24/7

For more on Charlie, please head to soulfulboi.com or his myspace page!

Interview conducted and written by J. Federico

( Special thanks to Steve le Vine of grapeVine Public Relations )