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New York City Boy: Gully is Twinkilicious!

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Some of you may have already been invited to join the Facebook group entitled “Gulliver’s Travelog.” This is not your ordinary group, nor is Gulliver your ordinary gay boy. The Facebook group is meant to gather fans and future friends of a young man that took life by the balls and decided to document his adventures every step of the way.

Equal4all: As a gay individual, do you feel that New York City has better opportunities than California?

Gully: There certainly are MORE opportunities. California right now is being ravaged by a piss-poor economy. Also, California is perfect if you’re looking for a job in television or film (or assisting in television or film); try looking for anything else and you’re shit out of luck.

In NYC, I received a job offer (and a job!) just by luck while walking my roomie (and fraternity brother’s) dog. That rarely if ever happens on the streets of LA and thereabouts. Meanwhile, you never know WHO you’ll crash into while you’re going about your day.

E4A: What made you decide to blog about your moving experiences?

G: Well, despite landing a job somewhat quickly, I’ve been having a tough time here in NYC. I figured it would be an excellent way to deal with my trials and tribulations – by documenting them online. It’s also led to a lot of friendships and relationships already. You’d be surprised by the sheer amount of people that have found me through the blog and extended a hand in friendship (you and your blog included!). I’m also a big fan of storytelling, and nothing makes for a better story than actual life.

E4A: What were you doing in California before deciding to make the big move to the Big Apple?

G: To be honest, I was doing nothing …that’s sort of why I moved. Like in the Savannah when a water source dries up, the herds move elsewhere. A potent combination of drama and joblessness, as well as a generous donation from my loving parents enabled me to pick-up and move … something no one thought I’d ever do, and something that everyone said I would quickly regret.

E4A: Tell our readers what the perfect date means to you:

G: A perfect date has a backbone of excellent conversation. I LOVE human interactions. I want my date to be up on pop culture and news. They’d be funny and our jokes would build off of one-another. Maybe we’d see a movie, play, or a musical; we could even go to a museum and have lots to talk about afterwards. I also love walking, so there should be some of that – in a preferably scenic locale such as Central Park or along the Hudson or East Rivers. Good sex is always an added bonus, too…

E4A: Please give advice to someone who may be struggling with who they truly are:

G: I think “who we truly are” is a problematic concept. Our cells live and die every day; after a number of days we are physically and technically a different person. Likewise, I believe who we are is just as fluid and changing.

I say focus on what you’re doing – who you’re with – and spend time creating such things as a statue, a painting, and a poem. We get closest to who we are at that exact moment while we are creating something … it’s not a “window” to the soul, but rather it allows you to chase your creation down to the roots within you that gave rise to what you made. If you spend a lot of time being emo and wondering “who you truly are,” you run the risk of answering the question with “nothing and no one” and that’s scary.

E4A:  Let’s be honest … top or bottom?

G: I’d define myself as a bottom with versatile tendencies … maybe a 75-25 split.

E4A: What can we expect from Gully within the year?

G: That’s a good question! Probably a lot of adventures … I have a habit of getting myself into intriguing situations. It took me a number of years to wear myself ragged in LA, but NYC moves at a far quicker pace. Hopefully I don’t wear out my welcome here too quickly.

People can keep track of me through my blog, my Facebook, and my Twitter. They can also ask me questions like you just did on my Formspring.

Joseph Federico

A Chat with Greenview Marketing!

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Equal4all had a great opportunity to catch-up with Bryan Ruiz, manager of all design, web, and marketing efforts for Greenview Marketing. Mr. Ruiz and his business partner, Joe Lontos, have a keen eye for “going green,” and share thoughts on tricks of the trade; they even tell us their plans for the future and what it’s like overall being eco-friendly!

Equal4all: How did you begin to build the foundation of your business with the idea of being “green” and how do you express that through your work?

Bryan Ruiz: I started to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle when I was in college. I began reading more and more about the environment and its future in regards to depleting resources and the change in climate over time. I took a step back and realized changes I needed to make to “do my part.” I began to recycle, walk more (which was easy in a college town), take public transportation and be more conservative in my home life such as shorter showers and turning the lights off when I leave a room.

My work has been no different. I have researched many ways that I could preserve resources without compromising the quality of my design and work. Some of these things include using less colors and full bleeds when I design. This helps conserve ink and paper. I al use an eco-friendly web hosting company which has all of its servers powered by windmills.

E4A: In what ways do you stress living an eco-friendly lifestyle outside of Greenview Marketing?

BR: I still follow the same everyday tactics like I have above but also added new methods to my lifestyle such as bringing shopping’s bags to the grocery store and using eco-friendly light bulbs in my apartment. My main goal is to continue routine activities that are eco-friendly but are not necessarily more work. It’s a matter of being mindful of what  you’re doing.

E4A: Have you found a connection between being “green” and catering to gay clientele?

BR: The main connection for me is that I have both qualities. But overall I would have to say that the gay population is always open to change. Being a part of the gay population, I also know that many of us are innovators and early adopters in the market and are the first to test out new products, tactics and ways. That’s the main correlation I have found which can simply be put as a high level of excitement to know only work with another gay man but that there is more to offer on top of that.

E4A: Give us some tips on how to lead eco-friendly lives without completely changing them!

BR: There are some easy tactics that one can follow that wouldn’t make your life any harder. The first is to keep reusable bags handy at home and/or at work; you can use those when you go grocery shopping or when you grab lunch at work. Another tip is if your next light bulb burns out, try buying eco-friendly ones that use less energy and are not that much more expensive.

E4A: Besides being gay yourself, what do you find interesting about the gay community from a business perspective?

BR: I think it’s great to be a part of such a unified community. I have found that the gay community supports each other and will always go the extra mile to help out another member in the community.

E4A: Where do you and your partner see your business 5 years from now? How about 10?

BR: In five years, I hope to have this company triple in size. Right now, my partner and I are the only ones representing this company. In five years it would be great to be able to employ others and work as a team to effectively execute award-winning advertising and public relation strategies and to also keep an eco-friendly train of thought as well. In ten years, I would say the same thing … only BIGGER!

E4A: When you guys have down time, do you still act in a “green” manner?

BR: I always act in a “green” manner because it has become so routine for me. I don’t see it as an annoying process but as a day-to-day process that I am used to.

-Interview conducted by Matt Scotto, edited by J. Federico

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Top to Bottom

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Currently rocking: Kraftwerk’s “The Man Machine;” “Robots” is currently playing!

Okay so I feel great blogging away!! It’s so far a sort of stream of consciousness but that’s how I converse; I don’t want to sit and plan what is appropriate for me to say! I much prefer to chat with all you sexy people in a natural, candid way!

I am going to segway from my beauty blog about feeling sexy to actual SEX and relationships – from tops to bottoms and those who are versatile … back to butch, femmes, and Andros! MORE and MORE labels to pigeonhole ourselves further into little cubby holes so we can literally SHOP for an “IDEAL” partner – or more truthfully, an “IDEAL” compliment to our outward appearances in society’s grip.

Yes much of it may be preferential, but these labels can sometimes serve as a mask. Why can’t we all just be the beautiful individuals Mother Nature intended us to be?!! Guys look at me: I am 5’11, 155lbs., skinny, white, artsy – and they assume so much without knowing me. Assumptions are: You are a total “femme bottom” that loves to be bossed around. My outgoing enthusiastic attitude also makes me seem “gullible,” I’ve discovered … how wrong is that?!!

In relationships, I tend to be the “MAN” – the one that “wears the pants.” But if we’re both boys, then we both wear pants – and girls wear pants too! I’m confused ALREADY with antiquated gender jargon!! Isn’t it interesting that all this terminology harkens back to the 1950’s standard of men’s and women’s role in society? Antiquated much?!

I prefer to top. I’ve tried bottoming many times and it hasn’t (in the past) been fulfilling to me. THAT does NOT mean I rule it out for all eternity. I think the ideal relationship for me is one where there is an ebb and flow … versatility, if you will. I just haven’t met the right guy for that yet!

If you want to feel the meaning of label constriction and have a good laugh, read Keith Swain’s “book” Dynamic Duo. Never before have I seen someone simplify the complexities of the human condition so ignorantly. One of my back-up dancers gave me this book; he is one of the sweetest guys I have ever had the pleasure of knowing but he is totally indoctrinated into this “SYSTEM” for finding your mate! There is no ONE way to find love or happiness!! LIFE doesn’t have a handbook, so open your mind and take an adventure!!

I outwardly proclaim NOT having a specific type (looks-wise). Some friends say I like pretty boys, tortured artsy boys, White, Latin, black, or even Asian (now I’m beginning to sound like a Missy Elliot song!). I like it all, but it really depends on chemistry, energy, and dynamics of the individual! Many of the men I’ve been in serious relationships with have been physically shorter than I am, about the same build, and with personalities slightly more BETA. I think personal motivation and a killer work ethic is pretty sexy.

My friends always say I’m the “Butchest gay guy” they know … which means what exactly?! I don’t have a typical butch build, but I’m just a “regular guy” personality wise? HUH? I’m flummoxed.  I’m just myself – a dude – a dude who is a musician and gay. I’m an old-fashioned romantic when it comes to courting. I like to buy my guy flowers, pay for dinners when I can (keep in mind: I am a full-time INDIE ARTIST! HAHA) i.e. do the typical “male” role things in the relationship. But this is also because I’m a Libra and love beauty in all its incarnations … even gesture! Does this mean that I don’t adore the reciprocity of such behavior? Of course not! I appreciate thoughtfulness and effort too!! There is nothing more appealing to me than a man who allows himself to be soft, feminine, and most importantly, receptive to another man’s energy.

So much of the gay community’s energy IS this “TAKE IT BITCH!” attitude! I truly believe this is subconscious misogyny … or conscious!! There is so much beauty and power in surrender, opening your mind and heart enough TO accept another man.

It was very amusing to me to read these match.com, OkCupid.com, and all the other dating site profiles out there on the web. I’ve tried the online-dating thing and it just wasn’t for me – meaning I never found a LTR. However, I did find some great sex … still fantasize about this one guy – sexy psycho; I threw his phone out a window! LOL, anyway… All the dates I’ve been on from Okcupid.com that claimed desire of a LTR, I had sex with after maybe 3 dates (granted these are THE FEW I didn’t get up and walk out on the first date!!) Match.com: 1 guy , first date = sex – this guy was looking for a “HUSBAND.” LOL – keep in mind I expressed interest in meeting guys for short-term dating, long-term dating, and sex … no ambiguity, no grey areas.

There will be a profile of a seemingly great guy. He is super cute, interesting, multi-faceted, seemingly very educated, and then at the end of his post it will say: MASCULINE ONLY. NO QUEENS PLEASE. U MUST WORK OUT 6X A WEEK. WTF?!!! Men come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and dispositions; what is so wrong with an effeminate male? I love a queen in my man – it’s exciting, dynamic and multi-dimensional. We are oppressed enough as it is. Now I KNOW a great deal of attraction is personal preference. For Example, I typical enjoy darker features – Mediterranean or Latin. I’m not too into blonde-hair, blue-eyes TYPICALLY. However, I have fallen for one or two blondies that caught my attention with another more attractive quality to me! So I can’t say that I rule any one physical “TYPE” of guy out! I like a good adventure!! I’ve dated tall, short, large, small, geeky, preppy, angsty, prissy, trans, and bi just to name a few!!

But what I DO NOT understand is this whole “I want a straight/straight acting guy” fantasy?!! I don’t want a straight man! I want a gay man! I love my gays!! I want someone I can embrace and kiss their face off in public anytime I want – or screw on the street in the middle of the west village on a Friday night at 9pm!! HAHA – get the condoms and the Boy Butter (best lube ever!!) THIS is why so many men are single. BECAUSE they are so close-minded and see other gays who are more comfortable with themselves and are intimidated.

I’ve read several essays about gender identity and the gay men’s disdain for other gay men’s effeminate natures. Some people suggest that this not self-hatred or homophobia, but rather misogyny – A total disregard for all things FEMININE. This is SO sad, especially for our community. One of the things that has made homosexuals sacred in certain cultures, for example Native American traditions, is that we had BOTH energies – two souls!!  We need to get back to this!! Peace, Love, and Happiness!!

-Charlie Demos


Charlie is a fantabulous pop singer who will be guest-blogging for Equal4all for the next several weeks.

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Manscaping and the Road to Self-beauty

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Hello, everyone! OK, so I’ve never BLOGGED before and I’m super excited to!! I think it’s imperative to let you all know WHAT I’m listening to whilst blogging – considering MUSIC is my life’s work and such a HUGE part of my life!! I’m currently rocking Royksopp‘s album “Junior”. Check it out!!

I wanted to my first blog ever to be about something fun and lighthearted, but with a deeper undertone!  I am going to talk about manscaping, male beauty upkeep, and body maintenance!  The more I hang around with my fabulous drag Queen, burlesque performer, performance artist and stripper friends, the more high-maintenance I become; the more vain I become!! OMG Vanity 6 is a huge inspiration to me!! All of Prince’s work is … side tracked sorry!

I like to think of it more like getting a self-esteem boost. I used to be au naturale and was convinced that manscaping and body maintenance outside of exercise was fake and superficial. You can even watch an interview with Mike Diamond where I speak out on purposefully NOT upkeeping my man-bush. I do believe this attitude was due to the fact that I have an eating disorder – anorexia – and I have been in the recovery process for 2 years.

Without creating a blog entry entirely ABOUT my anorexia, I will quickly say that this disorder, in my experience, has been about LACK of self-confidence, self-esteem, psychological delusions, and pressure from society to conform to this super-powered image of WHAT is “beautiful” as opposed to feeling beauty, sexy, and SEXUAL in your own skin.

Although men’s beauty treatments and beauty rituals are becoming more and more mainstream, it is still a TABOO … in The United States anyway! What’s wrong with a guy wanting to look his best? With a shave here, a dye there, some makeup even? There are people in both the homo and heterosexual communities that would deem it “prissy,” “primpy”, or “feminine.” However, I find that this is a disregard and disdain for the feminine energy that resides in us all – male, female, straight, gay, bi, trans, pan … whatever! We all have our masculine and feminine sides; both are exciting, beautiful, and part of our nature! And who is it that deems beauty a strictly feminine thing?!! Throughout all cultures and all of time, men have adorned themselves and have had rituals to make themselves more appealing to their mates and to themselves.

I started trying to manscape with a straight razor. WHAT?!! Holy shizz – it was precarious at the VERY LEAST! How is one supposed to get everything organized and balanced when a shaky hand holds a RAZOR so close to the goods?!! And the ass shaving?! FORGET it! I’m big into yoga but I don’t want to have to wrap my legs around my head to get a clear shot of my ass; it’s all about an electric razor. I recently purchased one from Duane Reade – $20.00 – it’s Conair and has 4 attachments INCLUDING a nose hair trimmer! BONUS! Even the most modest guy NEEDS a good nose hair maintenance every so often.

Anyway, it slowly became a ritual for me! I would set some incense burning, put on a good movie or PORN, and have at it! The electric razor is super efficient and gentle. Apply some baby powder directly after and you are GOOD to go! It made me super horny shaving and I found myself hyper-sexual afterwards – masturbating with surprisingly sensational results! I’m a regular manscaper and will never go back! Why would I? If there is a heightened sense of sensation with just me, add another boy to the equation and it’s explosive!! And that’s what I want. For far too long have I heard complaints about my bright red fire crotch hairs getting in my lover’s mouth! Not anymore! I just recently discovered pubic hair dye!! GENIUS! Now I can be a mer-man with BLUE or GREEN pubes or my rock star self with PINK pubes! I have two Brazilian friends that SWEAR by BLEACHING their pubes – to each his own! I really feel your outward identity should be about your inner play! Sexpression!!

As for other maintenance, I’ve found there are some things for me and some NOT for me. I love hair masks, face masks, and eye brow threading. As a performer and recording artist, I need my live show “LOOK” to be super theatrical and fantastical. Over the past year or so, I’ve carried some of my stage look into my everyday look. I love guyliner. I’m a total new-waver/goth at heart … what can I say? But one of the SEXIEST things to me is a boy with some stubble and eye-liner – add a little glitter = HOLY HOTNESS! I really feel like the world would be a much happy place with government issued GLITTER … for everyone!

Each person’s standard or idea of attractive/beautiful is as different as snowflakes. But I find ways to make myself feel more beautiful and that’s a good thing! Self Love people SELF LOVE!! Don’t get me wrong, I do a lot of work on the inside too – a dedicated student of yoga, meditation, volunteer, activist, continuing my education, and striving to better my craft. But why not look you SUPER best when doing one of those things?! “To each his own” is my motto for life!

Charlie Demos


Charlie is a fantabulous pop singer who will be guest-blogging for Equal4all for the next several weeks. Check out his amazing interview, too!

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Spotted: New York Gossip Gays Blasting Your Most Intimate Secrets

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If you haven’t heard of this site yet, you will. Perhaps you’ve even been blasted about thanks to your friendly ‘mo next door! Just when you thought that gossiping was left to Blair Waldorf and Co. …

EQUAL4ALL: How did the crew behind New York Gossip Gays form?

The NewYorkGossipGays.com team happened organically. Everyone involved has a particular craft/talent that they were able to bring to the table; with our powers combined, NYGG was formed! Our group realized when we created the site that we would have to launch it – but after time, it would become a vehicle that would literally just run itself. We receive a ridiculous amount of submissions daily and try to use our conscience when picking/choosing what we publish.

EQUAL4ALL: When did NYGG go live on the web?

The site went live in the middle of January. Two days after it went live, almost a thousand people had viewed it. We were blown away…

EQUAL4ALL: What kinds of responses are you guys getting thus far?

The responses are mixed … which is to be expected. A lot of people write in telling us that they are obsessed with the site and submit dirt; some people just submit dirt. Finally, we have had a few threatening responses from anonymous parties, but we aren’t scared. We love that people are enjoying the site. Gay men absolutely love to read about themselves and talk about others (whether the publicity is negative or positive) which is how we knew the site would be a success.

EQUAL4ALL: What’s the sleaziest dirt NYGG has gotten to post to date? Has any blast been so bad that you guys decided not to put it live on your site?

There are a lot of submissions that we will not post – we seriously try not to be too cruel. The majority of submissions are about cheating boyfriends and scenesters with STDs. Sexy, right?

EQUAL4ALL: Who would you guys like see on NYGG in the future?

That’s really up to our readers … this is their gig now. We just play editor. It will become whatever YOU want it to be. We also love reviews/criticisms of parties, restaurants, fashion brands and the like.

EQUAL4ALL: Can anyone really send NYGG dirt whenever they so choose?

Of course; that’s the whole idea.

If you have any dirt on a NY socialite, actor, or even your closest bff, please send it to NYGG by writing to GOSSIP@NEWYORKGOSSIPGAYS.COM.

A BIG thanks to NYGG for giving our website a seal of praise! We love each and every one of you!

XOX for now

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Gettin’ To Know Stephen Guarino…

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You’ve seen him on The Big Gay Sketch Show, now get to know the man behind the wacky yet loveable characters he portrays!

Equal4all: Where did you get your start with acting? Was it your first career choice?

Stephen: I was a child actor from Orlando, Florida doing commercials and Nickelodeon stuff. I spent one tragic and fateful day on the Mickey Mouse Clubas well. Once, I was suspended from school because I skipped to go on a Sea World commercial audition. In the meeting with the Principal of the school, I screamed, “You dont know what its like to be ME!” I was fierce. The only other career I even barely humoured was being a photographer, but then it put me to sleep.

Equal4all: On The Big Gay Sketch Show, where did you get the ideas to portray memorable characters such as Ronnie and the Russian dancer? Did you impersonate anyone in particular from your personal life?

Stephen: Great question. Both of those characters were inspired by my boyfriend at the time – the NY-based gorgeous gay Ukrainian folk singer Michael Mirlas (yes, that;s all true). I was working a horrific job in the coat check at Spice Market in NY’s Meatpacking District. It was a soul-sucking job that paid out the ass. To keep my heart from petrifying into ice, I would entertain myself by doing a character similar to Ronnie (At the time Ronnie’s name was Dinky, my boyfriend’s pet name for me at the time which has nothing to do with my penis size which I assure you is impressive but more to do with the fact that he and I suffered from a severe case of ‘baby talk.’). As Ronnie, I would pretend that to find the coat I would have to go through the computer system and take forever with the customer. Michael said I should turn that into a character and give him the catchphrase “Is this it?” and always present a coat that couldn’t possibly be the correct one. Then he suggested (after I got the show but before we started) that I do an Svetlana Horkina (gymnast) or Oksana Baueill impression. It didn’t quite work out but morphed into Svetlana. I threw that in to my pitch meeting at the very last minute. Thank God! So basically, I am talent-free and owe Michael some residual payment.

Equal4all: What’re your views on GLBT marriage?

Stephen: You know honestly, I never had a passionate opinion about it sadly because in my insular and man-child existence as an actor whose only responsibility is myself it never effected me. I sometimes considered that I suffer from a cynical view about “true love” (probably to validate my rather extensive sexual practices). But just recently I have been seeing a guy from Amsterdam and we are really hitting it off. The other day he said “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just marry. Then I could live in America and you could live here and we could actually be together.” And for the first time I thought: Oh fuck! I have limitations! Better get on that! That and the 1100 rights denied us by not marrying. But watching Hillary campaign I think well lets get her in and maybe she’ll get to it in a decade. But for others time is of the essence.

Equal4all: How was it working with “the gay pimp” Johnny McGovern?

Stephen: That dude is a wizard when it comes to getting shit done – Makes me feel lazy. The fact is, he is the nicest guy ever. He makes you feel like you are the only one in the room when he talks to you – A grateful and generous person.

Equal4all: What’s the best city in the world to fulfill your career related endeavors?

Stephen: Well, my dream was to be in theatre and on Broadway, BUT I sent them a letter and they must not have recieved it or they are just not interested lol. I auditioned for it for ten years with close calls and little results. Maybe my personality was just too contemporary. TV has been much easier (which should be laughable to say) but it has. I fit well into TV and now getting into films. So, I spend half the year in Los Angeles. I still prefer NY artistically, but if I was really dreaming I would figure out a way to live in London. I would kill to be in the London theatre scene and doing a show on BBC. So I could stalk and kill Jennifer Saunders my idol.

Equal4all: What’s the 411 on your personal life … single? married? taken? any kids? haha

Stephen: Single by choice for last two years, but I could totally get into one now. I need some lovin’. I am a notorious chubby chaser. The word “stocky” is good for me. Tall, tan, blonde, and just out of a pool … not good for me. I also will be spending alot of time on my boyfriend south of the ankles if you know what I mean.

Equal4all: Please give advice to anyone struggling with their sexuality in the GLBT community:

Stephen: I suppose it would be the obvious three: 1. That poppers are still Amyll Nitrate and still you will probably suffer from a mild headache. 2. That being gay is just better. Better hours and better pay.3. You can still achieve everything you want regardless of it. Or in my case because of it.

Equal4all: So far, what’s been your most memorable and personal gig as an actor?

Stephen: I still do a show in NYC called The Nuclear Family. Its a 3-man improvised musical that we have done around the country and was Off Broadway run in 2003. Its my best and funniest work and was created with my long-term comedy partners Jimmy Bennett and John Gregorio. If your in NY you must see it! (thenuclearfamily.net)

Equal4all: Are you a party boy or a stay in/order out kinda guy?

Stephen: I think I am cyclical. I go through bouts where I am out every night drinking and having sex or trying to find the sleaziest place in town. But during audition times I will be at home more literally getting the maximum out of my Netflix membership. I am raping that company and all it gets is $17.99!

Equal4all: What’re some upcoming roles/gigs of yours that we need to keep our eyes peeled for?

Well, cross your fingers that I could be in this new PJ Hogan movie (Muriel’s Wedding) called Confessions of a Shopaholic. You just missed me on the cancelled Wedding Bells on FOX. On the second season of BGSS you are getting alot more Ron Odyssey (Ronnie) and Svetlana, plus a new character Chaps McFadden who is an extremely disgruntled fairy-tale-reading fairy. Look out for some killer celebrities on the show too! Thanks for watching the show! Support gay programming!

  • Interview conducted by J. Federico

Sleek but Dirty – real dirty … Valeze spills their guts with a vengeance!

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They’re every punk rocker’s wet dream — with an up-to-date retro sound and kick ass attitude, this band shows no mercy and def no signs of slowing down!

The band includes:

Tiff- vocals

Alan- guitar

Tim- keys

Joe- bass

Miles- drums

How do you feel about having a pretty decently sized gay following?

Tiff: We LOVE our audience. It’s a family and a community that seems to grow at each show. We never know what to expect at a show – but the one thing that is consistent is that it’s diverse, unpretentious, and there’s a real sense of community and love … We want everyone to just be who they are and enjoy everyone else in the room for their individuality, instead of judging them for being different. Frankly, we don’t care if you’re in a suit or in sparkly pink undies, as long as you’re bringing it. (Although lets be honest – the more naked the better 😉 )

When asked who the band’s 80s influences are, they reply with, “Baby, the list goes on…” Who are your top influences?

Tiff says: My main influences are Elvis, Billy Idol, Axl Rose, Bjork, Pet Shop Boys, and Billie Holliday.

Miles: Motown, 70’s funk, and 80’s punk.

Tiff: The band has a ton of influences though – we all listen to a lot of different music – but some of our biggest as a group are The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Blondie, Missing Persons, The Cars, Pretenders, Talking Heads.

What would you guys like to say to those out there who dare to be different and deny today’s stereotypes and expectations?

Tim: We think that they are the demise of modern civilization as we know it – and we applaud their efforts.

 Miles: The only people who are truly innovative are ones who are willing to break the rules and deny stereotypes!

Tiff: Stereotypes and expectations are all bullshit illusions created to make us all feel “safe”. Dare – be different – be selfish – be how you feel, not how someone says you should feel. Just be honest with yourself at all times b/c right now is the only thing that’s real.

Are all of you the original members?

Tim: No. But we won’t tell you who- you have to guess. And every time you guess wrong, we get to whack you in the ass with a studded paddle.

I know you perform in the city quite often … What would you like to say about NYC? – Is it truly the city where anything can happen? – What’s your craziest city experience?

Alan: One of them was our studio-trashing party, when we moved out of our old rehearsal place. We invited people off the street, got extremely wasted, played a show, and then demolished the place.

Miles: I saw a guy hit a bike messenger with his Escalade on Wall Street, then get out of the car to talk to the guy he hit and make sure he was okay. After a few minutes of talking, the guy punches the messenger in the face for asking him for his information!

Tiff: Oh God … things I can’t repeat — some interesting things always happen in the make out room at CIRCUS though … that is always a spectacle!

Tim: Being arrested for “falling asleep” on the train… (something suspicious about that one…)

In your own words, what kind of style do you have as a band? (both musically and wardrobe wise)

Tim: Sleek but dirty – real dirty.

Can you give us a round-about schedule of upcoming events?

Tiff: We’re releasing our EP “Go Go Go!” in Dec/Jan and working on a video right now—Should be hot! We’ve got shows happening all fall really…Best thing is to get on our mailing list or keep checking valeze.net and myspace for show updates. (www.myspace.com/valeze)

Tiffany, your voice is very reminiscent of Gwen Stefani, is that the sound you were looking for?

Tiff: No – I try not to think about the sound and just focus on the emotion. I get the comparison sometimes, but it doesn’t really bother me anymore b/c my voice has its own agenda and I can’t really fight it 😉

What do you think of Gwen Stefani as a role model and gay icon?

Tiff: She’s a sexy bitch – why not? 😉

How do you see yourselves being role models for today’s youth?

Tim: We don’t really. For the youth’s sake, let’s hope they have the same opinion.

  • Interview conducted by J. Federico